gale-shapley algorithm

The state machine that this comic adheres to is the model of the Gale-Shapley Algorithm we saw in class and on our problem set. This comic makes the simplifying assumption that the only characters who are involved are Michael, his girlfriend, Paul, Judith, Jonathan, and Edwina the cat. The "a"'s are the male characters who make proposals while the "b"'s are the female characters. A possible set of preferences for each character mentioned in the set is as follows: Michael: (his gf, Paul's wife, his cat) Jonathan: (Michael's gf, Michael's cat Edwina, Paul's wife) Paul: (his wife, Michael's gf, Edwina) Michael's gf: (Jonathan, Michael, Paul) Edwina, the cat: (Jonathan, Paul, Michael) Judith: (Paul, Jonathan, Michael)

by pinkyswear
Hey Paul. Guess what? I just proposed to my girlfriend and she said yes.
Wow, congratulations!
Yeah, I know. She was my first choice. Otherwise I would have had to propose to your wife.
She's my second choice.
Michael, I am going to fire you.

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gale-shapley algorithm

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