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by The_Kingpin
Hi there. You look familiar.
It's because of my SHOES!!!
Wait, come back! I was just joking!

by The_Kingpin
Hi! I'm a fairy god mother! What do you think?
Wow! How can they be so big on something so small?
Oh, another Freudian slip?

by The_Kingpin
Why are you trying to persuade people from joining the Militiary?
I feel that it's my job to save these people.
But these people are joining out of their own free will. They know that a war is going on and they could get killed at any moment. They know it's a very possible outcome. But they accept that.
Look, no one wants this war to go on any longer at this point. I really couldn't care less about anti-war rallies. But stop being a douche and let these people decide for themselves.

by The_Kingpin
Yep, all of this is completely true.
In a tale of good news, a 15 year old stopped an out of control school bus after the driver fell unconscious at the wheel.
Her quick thinking saved a whopping total of FORTY elementary school kids on board.
She was later given Saturday detention for skipping a class she had at the time of saving the kids.

It's been a long time. Sue me.
by The_Kingpin, 3-16-08

by The_Kingpin
I'm glad we came to a truce.
So do I! Now our kind can finally live in peace.
Hey....what's that?!
What? Where?

by The_Kingpin
What is this, some kind of joke?

by The_Kingpin
Like many of my topics, this is indeed based on a true, oft-happening story
I still can't believe I got rear-ended by this group of guys and then they literally drove off! Not only that, I actually chased after them.
You have no Xanga comments from any of your 13 subscribers.
However, your friend posted a one line post saying "I like cheese".
He currently has six comments.

by The_Kingpin
I tell you. I'm so glad Jesus is my Lord and Savior.
But isn't that guy your dating married?
Yeah. Why?

by The_Kingpin
*Holding up a picture*
Mommy, how did Daddy get little?
It's a picture from when he was a kid, you little ****.

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