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by ArtemisStrong
Hey... Heyyy...
Don't just stand there, STAB MY ASS!
You're making this weird.

by gabe_billings
Time to get back to comic making!
I’ve been trying for years but the computer won’t save them.
I’d be happy to try and troubleshoot for you.
I’ll go grab the ****er!
That’s not a computer, you asshat. That’s your toaster!
What the ****? Then where have I been putting all my Pop Tarts?

by gabe_billings
Happy Birthday! I got you a present!
It's a dead raccoon with a ribbon wrapped around it.
Silly. The raccoon isn't your present.
Thank god. For a minute there...
I just used the raccoon to wrap it.
What the **** is wrong with you?

by dcomposed
This soy milk shortage is getting rough. Terra Madre got some Bonsoy in today but only let me buy two boxes.
Are we really drinking that much soy milk to cause a shortage?
No.. The cargo ship carrying the milk from Japan is missing.
How the **** does a cargo ship go missing?
It didn't go missing... it's trying to enter the port and keeps missing.

by dcomposed
I thought my date last night went pretty well but I'm really confused by this text he sent me this morning.
What does it say?
It says 😁🍆🐴🕛😉. Any idea what that means?
I think it means that you're a pedophile.

by dcomposed
So how are you finding single life?
Well it's nice relaxing on my own but there are times I wish I still had a boyfriend.
Like when you are lying in bed and want someone to cuddle with? Or when you go out and everyone else is in a couple?
More like when I can't be arsed making a cup of tea.

by dcomposed
Ok Phil the beaver formation is working and you're all doing well with the hopscotch passing method. But they are moving into our touchzone too often so we're going to have to try the tickle defense.
Whose **** did you suck to be made head coach?
What? That's outrageous! I got this positon based on my merits!
What merits?
...I'm the only black man in town.

by Brad, 11-15-16

by ArtemisStrong
... no no no no, "No no no no no no no no no."
No no no no no no no?

by ArtemisStrong
Fine, whatever.

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