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Ahem... This is fun to do and a waste of time.. i like this alot. I have alot of time on my hands and thus like to make useless comics that make no sense that are quite funny sometimes.
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by qwert
Ricard the Unpollitically Correct Countinues his visit of Earth
I Ricard, the unpollitcally Correct Robot shall destroy you humans... again
Message From QWERT... This is the second of a possible 4 to 5 comics using Ricard, and no i was not trying to spell Richard, the robot's name is Ricard.
Ricard visits the Sweat Shop
Injin, get back to work, you aren't earning your bowl of slop.
No... NO i'm not an injin and i have been working on that machine for the last 8 hours... please let me go to my hovle.
To be countinued....
That is right Ricard, it is I Planko, the pollitically correct robot.
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