Metahumour: older strips sent through Altavista's Babelfish engine to another language and then back to English. Hilarity always ensues.

by r2_d2
[I don't have a new comic today, so I just ran an old one through Babelfish to Japanese, then back to English.  Enjoy!] With the beach, R2-D2 is beautiful, (the nature) meets to redhead.
As for this there is no beautiful sunset?
If that to load is supposed because it is the line, if you exclude that.  We me you and before sleeping, must be the last 2 people of the earth which repopulating is satisfied R2 race.
Diplomatic policy and one nuclear warfare... without the stand it did plural afterwards
It is good, now we are the last 2 people of the earth.
So that seems the way.  But I misjudge stillI why worries with all suitable methods concerning that.
And R2 is the nuclear holocaust oven and the fact that it is not everything which cracks is learned.
To be good, as for the aforementioned "us [ ] [ as for me of sleep ]. "They must be... the last 2 people of the earth before, it is good, us enters here.
And me serious?  You thought of that Gawd, it is sad and is.

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