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by JoeBlough
Recently on CNN.....
Hey d_bacon, get in here & check out this whacko, Dr. Corn-Holy-oh West!
"...America has failed. Blacks need to take up arms..."
It sounds like he's trying to cause a race war!
Think any of em' are motivated enough to try something?
"...America has failed. Blacks need to take up arms..."
OK bro...I gots it UP! Now what?

by JoeBlough
Today at Cape Canaviral
This launch today has us kinda nervous.
Just yesterday our company had a rocket blow up on the launch-pad.
THAT'S why I need to speak to you two Astronauts about Life Insurance!
Why? You wanna sell us more?
Quite the opposite! I just cancelled your policies!

by Ranger77
Fucking. Posers. That's what they are.
Mom, you really have to accept that times have changed since you were in porn. And with the 'Rona people are just finding ways to make money.
Call us what you want but most of us put ourselves out there and were professionals. Not some frickin Karen getting paid for wiggling her toes.
You did a video in 1998 called "Dat Booty, Dat Ho."
It was a masterpiece of raw, untamed erotica if I recall correctly.
I recall it was just you, two guys and a mattress in an empty studio apartment in LA with alot of grunting.

by arbitrary
i missed a couple days. i was going to make a comic at the parking lot before going into work, but i missed my exit and passed the airport and doubled back on ronald reagan boulevard.
work went well. i worked in the vegetable room all day, which i prefer.
made an appointment with my mechanic for wednesday noon. brought home chocolate cake and garlic bread. forgot tommy hates the smell of garlic. so we may give that to the raccoons. aka trashpandas.
i worked 4 days and got paid for 6, so should be an ok paycheck. i looked at a house for sale by owner on 10th st.
got an article picked up at rick's blog, about the six million bill texas got for winning their voter ID lawsuit (they won but still had to pay.)
now i have the weekend off to catch up on chores, or goof off. step 1: drink this starbucks. oh! i forgot the part where i went downtown and tried to vote, but they only offered a provisonal ballot.

by JoeBlough
I'm off to visit my mom in West Plains!
How long will you be gone, my love?
I'm keeping THAT a secret!
But I want to have a special dinner waiting when you come home, like always.
I'm still not saying. Besides, how long do TV dinners take to heat up, anyway!
C'mon babe, it's the thought that counts! Right?

by JoeBlough
Let's see who won CC:731...
"...shoehorned in some Yeller abuse..."
Why that no good...
Brad? Hello BRAD? Don't hang up on me! These comics promoted animal abuse! Hello? HELLO?
Holy crap! I shoulda known JoeBlough's dog would be a *****er, just like him!

by JoeBlough
...and the winner IS "edoggygog"!
I must admit...that was one funny comic!
It was funny, huh? So obviously, YOU didn't win!
You REALLY know how to hurt a guy, d_bacon!

by Ranger77
...what I'm saying is this whole "Karen" business has sexist overtones. I'm offended by the way this story is going.
The whole "Karen" concept is born out of a patriarchial lie that a privileged but WOKE sex worker, social media influencer and activist like myself can be criticized. We cannot.
You are a FUCKED kind of special aren't you.
So hateful. If you were black, I'd so call the Po-Po on you.

by JoeBlough
Why is it so hard to breathe down here?
It's probably all the escaping gasses.
Yup! *queef*
*cough*'re the culprit? *cough*
You ain't smelled NOTHIN' yet, Bozo! Wait till Maura lets one rip!
Sweet Jesus, not HER!

by JoeBlough
"Justice For Floyd" in Minnesota
YOU are Floyd, I take it?
Certainly! Who ELSE would I be?
So, do you now feel "Justified" by these riots?
All in all...'s just another brick in the wall!

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