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Remember to thrown your snack trash away, kids. Food attracts bugs.
Hey, baby! Let's get it on!

by JoeBlough
Case #1
There it is. I knew I left it someplace!
Case #2
I'm gay, horny and lost...and all I get is HER!
Case #3
Oy vey! Say it ain't so!
It's true. Pops left ME the business!

by JoeBlough
Are you sure you've gotten rid of all those pesky flies?
Absolutely! You're covered by "Red Hat Pest Control's" 100% guarantee.
"Forever" will cost ya another $1000!
So, did she fall for it, pardner?
Let's just say..."We're in the money. WE'RE IN THE MONEY"!

by JoeBlough
That Devil's Food Cake was delicious, Fuzzy! May I give my compliments to the Chef?
As you wish.
Don't YOU gimme that look!
Follow me, please! (hehehe) You'll just love this guy!
So it musta been an old family recipe, eh?
Fuzzy...what did I tell you about bringin' ass-holes back here?

by JoeBlough
Have you seen the Obama's new home on Martha's Vineyard?
I heard about it. Why?
Don't ya think it's odd that every room in it is WHITE?
Once one lives in the Whitehouse, it tends to kinda grow on ya!

Your mom and I are tired of you changing your hair color by wiping it on things.
You left your shoe polish out. That's your fault. I can go all day without wiping my head on anything.
Smashed fruit, wet paint, doesn't matter. You'll see!
Well ****!

by JoeBlough
How does that RCLG do it?
Everytime HE hits the "random comic" tab a hilarious comic is created!
"Maybe he hits the tab with his "funny bone", moron!
Funny bone? Yeah...I knew that!

by JoeBlough
The lawn looks great, Rags. Nice job!
Well, actually, I uh...I didn't do...
You mean you PAID somebody else to do it?
Sort of...
Either you DID or you DIDN'T! Which is it?
NEITHER! I promised the kid YOU'D pay him.

Goddammit! I must have hit the random comic layout button a thousand times, but that Ben character reaching into the next panel never showed up!
And, I so wanted to enter tripod's comic contest! FUCK!!!
What are you doing, Ben?
Watching Phreaky masturbate her vagina with edoggydog's face!

by JoeBlough
This "walking on water" gets easier every day.
What is that up there? Sandals?
It IS! He's walkin' up there!
What a show-off!

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