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by JoeBlough
Why was we arrested?
Pipe down!
This doesn't make sense. We were just...
Tell it to the judge!
In the Judge's Chambers......
...and what "paraphernalia" evidence was there, if any?
A big ole "Roach-Clip"!, Judge!

by JoeBlough
Rags or d_bacon home, Deb?
I don't believe this ****!
Rags? YOU and the PIG...get home NOW! You need to explain where this roach came from.
Yo, d_bacon...she found your stash & she sounds PISSED!

by JoeBlough
...a John Wick instrument of death?
Must look harmless!

It wasn't me who jacked you off while you were asleep!
Then, why does my **** smell fishy?
Okay. It was me.

My criminal trial starts tomorrow...
What are you being accused of?
Murder... But, I didn't do it. I was FRAMED!
Of course, you were.
Then, you believe me?
No... But, you are a window.

Well..? What do you think, Tiki?
I don't know, Frank... $3 million seems a lot for an over-sized phone booth.
It's not a phone booth... It's a transporter.
Same difference!
Except, this machine can beam you into Phreaky's shower. While she's soaping up her gigantic funbags.

by Moturd
I think felons should be allowed to vote. Yes, even terrorists who hate America like that 'Boston Bomber' Tsarnaev kid.
It's a slippery slope if we let law abiding decent people say "no no, you hate us, you want to kill us, so we don't want your input on how to run society."
I also think it's a slippery slope if we let hot young women say "no no, I won't have sex with you because you're a gross disgusting old man.

by JoeBlough
Beat it! This is MY forrest!
Eghad! I must make haste and hire a dragon slayer!
So how much to slay your run of the mill dragon?
For a plain old dragon I'll give ya my "senior" discount, Sire, of 100 Golden Geldars!
However...adjustments were called for!
Eghad! The king failed to tell me my foe twas "PUFF" the MAGIC dragon!
Ya gave that old ******* the "senior" discount, didn't ya, dummy?

by JoeBlough
General Mills HQ...1979 (Plan A)
We HAVE TO pick a name & spokesperson for our new cereal TODAY!
We have both candidates out in the lounge waiting to be interviewed.
They're gonna pick ME you little Bee-ATCH!
No way, you're too gross so zip it, FLY!
...but the FLY got the call!
Oh thank you sir. By the way, what will you call it?
"Putrifying Maggot Cheerios", of course!

by JoeBlough
Yo Rags, it's been brought to my attention by many sources that you should tone down your bigotted comics against gays, blacks, women & religious groups!
You say somethin', d_bacon?
You heard me! People are tired of your same old negative output. You should be more uplifting...
...more inclusive, more accepting, more diverse, more loving of your fellow men and women! Prove yourself to be a bigger man. Give it a try, OK buddy?
Piss OFF, Porkus Maximus!

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