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by DBoba
Hey kid do you know what time the bus comes?
yep.... are you going to tell me?
tell you what?
what time the bus comes....

by bigworm
Dude!!! You liking it down there?
Oh, Hell yeh!The ambience is kind of close fitting, but the temperature is steady.
Well, you can thank God for being down there, 'cus if you were up here I'd turn you into a salt-lick!!!
Did you mean to say a 'pillar of salt'?
Yeh, wh... uhhh...
'Cus I don't like bein' mocked. That's why!

by bigworm
How did this happen?
I don't know
Are you setting me up? Now you ask me the same question.
Are you setting me up?
Technically, the other cat set you up. Any more questions?
Would you mind cleaning my litter box before you go?

by bigworm
So you're saying two of your alter egos met face to face on Haloween night.
A scuffle ensued wherein each alter ego managed to kill the other.
So tell me this Mr. Cat! How is it that you're here testifying today?
9-7 your Honor.
By Jove, I think you've got it!!!

by bigworm
Hey YOU!!! Dude in a pink bunny suit! I know who you are!
You're the one who cut my paws off! HELP!!! HELP!!! POLICE!!!
So you answered the cat's calls for help, hacked the attacking pit-bull 'till it ran off. Any injuries to the cat?
Yessir! The cat ran off with a limp, like maybe the pit-bull had chewed it's paws off.

by JoeBlough
Stop oppresion of the populous! IMPEACH!!!
Look at those do nothin' "Boomers"!
Old fogeys are afraid to get their hands bloodied. IMPEACH da bum.
Geez Ma, ya still rememeber the old days?
Ya mean back when ya had to VOTE if ya wanted to change Presidents? Yeah, vaguely!

by JoeBlough
Rags, don't forget your shrink appt. at 9am with Dr. Bhat!
What? Aw shoot, Deb. I forgot all about it!
You can make it if you hurry!
All she'll do is give me another "shrink-ish", self help book!
And THAT she did!
So, Mr. ragu4u, did that last book help solve your problems any?
Kinda, but our bed still wobbles. Gimme a thicker one this time.

by DBoba
Hello Elijah...welcome to hell...say....why are you dressed like a PIMP?
What you talkin' 'bout Willis? I'm not supposed to be in HELL!!!
OH...didn't you get the memo?
Hey man..I wrote the ****in' get your ass out there and find me the pearly gates!
...Elijah Elijah're from BALTIMORE aren't you?

by DBoba
Hey...don't I know you?
Fuck no I would never know a sleazy car salesman lookin' jerk like you!
Aren't you DEXX?
...uh....TYLER? Is that you?
Fuck man...what happened to let yourself go?
Fuck man what happened to you? You look the same as you did in high school???!!!

by DBoba
Got any plans ladies?
Yeah..we plan on getting as far away from dip**** comic narrators as possible!
So Khan..did you know there is a resort in Jamaica where you can go naked and have sex wherever you want?
There's a place like that right's called my back yard!
Yeah but come on girl...JAMAICA...
I'll think about it......ok I thought about it....NO!!!

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