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by Great_Gareth
Meanwhile during World War 2...
Well that was handy he ran out of weapons. They might have all run out if we are lucky ...
I need to find my happy place

by Great_Gareth
Meanwhile a local Priest goes head to head with death.
Youuu whooo, KNOCK KNOCK!
Hello I was told I was at deaths door and i should face the envittable.
Sigh! You deserve to suffer a little longer.

by Makin_d_bacon
Why are you down here?
Did you just hatch or something? There are thousands of us down here hiding.
Hiding? Really? From who?
Tuna fisherman..who else? I gotta go!
But he's a....
A chicken of the sea! Capisce?

CC 672 is open for business!
Like Bill Clinton used to say..."ya'll Cum"!
by Makin_d_bacon, 7-25-17

by Makin_d_bacon
At the home of ragu/d_bacon......
Oh my God! It's finally happened! Rags.....get in here and PINCH me!
Not on yer life, pork chop! I told ya to stop watching that "Brokeback Mountain" crap!
No reallly! I must be dreaming. I actually WON a comic contest!

by Great_Gareth
Meanwhile An unsuspecting victim finds a left over surprise at a crime scene.

by Great_Gareth
Meanwhile at the Bacon residence
ARRGGH FUCK SAKE!! Whats happened to Bob?
We found him stuck up a tree...
Hmm whats with the mask
..oh and he just farted!!
That's my Bob?

by choadwarrior
Bottle of chardonnay. Anything else?
I need to pick up my prescription for Xanax.
Chardonnay and Xanax?
I might not look like it, but I'm a suburban housewife.

Only three people have entered? I wonder what happened to all the users?
Maybe they have all become famous YouTubers and are too busy making videos of themselves playing video games.
Maybe the Illuminati are controlling their brains in order to get them ready for Ivanka's 2020 Presidential bid.
Or maybe they've grown out of making silly online comics and have matured to more important things such as mowing the lawn and taking out the trash!

by Unclemeat
Republicans in 1957
Beware of Russian brainwashing! They will use it to destroy democracy!
Republicans in 2017
Thank goodness for Russian brainwashing! Now we can destroy democracy!

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