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by Ranger77
Interlude.... 7/16/18
Hey B, I just wanted to
I wanted to ask you if...
Later. Gotta untangle Chuck first. That's a lot easier than the knot you have going...

by Makin_d_bacon
Daddy, I'd like to introduce my new beau, Roger!
He's not one of those "LGBTQ" misfits, is he?
Don't be silly, Daddy! You've taught me well, to steer clear of those weirdos!
Great! No "poofs" for MY lil girl. Bring him in, baby!
So, Roger, what's YOU'RE take on ******s?
Fuck dem oddballs, YO!

by Makin_d_bacon
Are you FOR the U.S. Embassy getting built in Jerusalem?
Is that a question meant to belittle Jews?
How could THAT belittle Jews?
Jews ARE the world's punching bag! You know?
Geez. You people tried kill GOD! Whatdya expect?
See what I mean?

by Makin_d_bacon
What? RCLG wins a contest AGAIN? grrrrrr.....
I smell burning hair! Rags must be cooking again!
So...what's on the menu, Chef ragu4u?
"RCLG on a Shingle"

by Ranger77
CNN is calling it "Dippin' Gate" and proof of how over the top and obnoxious the "new" Republican party is under Trump.
FOX NEWS on the other hand says this is just another example of harassment, political correctness and how socialism erodes your freedom in choosing condiments.
My response: I've been drinking since noon.
Beat ya. I started at 11:30.

by Ranger77
Incoming EPA Administrator Chuck Brown was chased out of a Waffle House last night by angry patrons and staff.
"We can't have that kind of person in here." manager and owner Mindi Bigbottom said in a prepared statement. "You have to stand up for what is right. Fuck civility."
It was later revealed that Brown was not asked to leave because of his association with Trump but instead because he ordered maple syrup with his french fries...

by Makin_d_bacon
Oct. 27, 1962 Aboard a Russian Sub
Fire the Nuclear torpedo, Gilliganski!
But Skipperonovich...
No "BUTS" Gilliganski. Do it NOW!
I must change his mind!
30 minutes later....
Why did you ask me to blow the Skipper, Gilliganski?
Just saving the world, Mary Annenova. Just saving the world!

by russman
I've had a great time. Thanks for taking me out.
Thanks for going. I'm glad you decided to give me a chance.
So what are you doing tomorrow morning?
Waking up beside you and going for breakfast.
You're funny. I'm gonna take my daughter to the fair. Why don't you come.
Oh, sure. That sounds like fun.

by russman
This **** at work told my new girl that the only reason I was talking to her was to get her in bed.
Isn't that the truth?
Of course it's true. That's not the point. She's just trying to **** block.
What are you going to do about it?
Hey somebody just gave me a few Adderall. You wouldn't know anyone who might want them would you?
What do want for them? I might know someone.

by choadwarrior
How has your first week been?
I really like everyone, but I’ve noticed one thing.
What’s that?
Nobody swears.
We don’t do that here.
I’d better watch my ****ing mouth.

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