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by arbi
today i'm in missouri, at a truck stop waiting for a ride from my mechanics. greyhounded all night. i should have my van back in about an hour.
it's been stuck in missouri for a few weeks, had to be rebuilt after colorado mountains.
then tomorrow i go to cincinnati to try out for a doc review gig.
internet at home is still out due to raccoons but we just cleaned the bedroom enough the techs can get to the attic now.
i got a tentative job offer of $100/mo for something i've been doing as a volunteer, moderating a board for human guinea pigs.
i've been sorting through papers getting my files organized, finding smoking guns, unpaid bills, etc.

by Makin_d_bacon
*knock, knock* Judge Roy Moore?
Maybe yes. Maybe no. Who's askin?
Mama said I gotta try and sell you some Holiday Gift Packs to pay for our Senior trip to "Space Camp"!
Little that you? Then I'd be delighted to! So what's good?
Thanks judgy wudgy! Ya know I'm partial to that that big old 12 inch Hickory Smoked Salami!
Salami? She likes the 12 inch Salami! This is a friggin dream come true!

by Makin_d_bacon
So Dave, is it true? Is Charlie Manson on his death bed?
Yup! He's getting the last rites as we speak!
You're too late to give old Charlie the Last Rites Padre! He's as good as gone!
I wasn't here for THAT!
Well WHAT, then?
I wanted his autograph to raffle off at the church picnic! Oh well then ...I'm off to see David Berkowitz!

by evil_d
Dear friends!! Have you heard on Number One Best Essay Writing Dot Com the best site for homework help and what do you think!!
Everyone thinks it is the best here are some testimonials!
I used Number One Best Essay Writing Dot Com once and my **** fell off!
Number One Best Essay Writing Dot Com turned my straight kids gay and my gay kids straight!
Number One Best Essay Writing Dot Com sodomized my dog and eloped with my parrot!

by Neo11
Hey there, what's with the smile today?
I had a finger up my ass this morning
Oh, well that's typical for every man to have done at your age
I was a little nervous at first
So I take it the smile means the doctor gave you good results?
Who said anything about a doctor?

by Neo11
Yeah, she's fine, wonder when she'll be mine. She walk past, I press rewind to see that ass one more time
What was that you pervert?
One Minute Later
Welcome to Tommy's Tavern. What can I get for ya?
You got a rewind button back there?

by Makin_d_bacon
Hey Mr. Durden, can I join yer club?
Don't you EVER talk about my club! You wanna see what happens to guys who talk about my club?
Yeah...sure! Use this guy walking up here!
Oh oh..This no look good!

Hey Dad, why is Nicki Manaj like a G6?
I don't know what either of those things are.

See You Next Tuesday Entertainment! We would like to hear your groping stories and we will call it Sensationalism Journalism!
I am here for the open enrollment apprentice position! Ride Cowboy Ride!
by Miller12, 11-14-17

by Miller12
On This day in history (1851) Moby-Dick is published!
For all you men who like to masturbate in public to the great white whale.The Great White is going to swallow your wholesomeness and expose the real truth.Get ready for climactic conclusion!
Jenni, Books I need to read more books.My thirst for knowledge is overpowering! Some of the inmates are masturbating in front of public defenders and female employees!
Would you like me to read to you a classic novel about man's relentless pursuit of the great white whale and how he survives the harrowing experience. Let a little sunshine in their lives!

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