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This place sucks since they took away the orcas!
They still have the dolphins!
Yeah, but they're a lot smaller than the orcas!
So, are their *****es!

You can confess your sins in through that door over there...
I don't think I have any sins to confess.
What about ****ing that donkey for money in Mexico?
That's a sin?

What happened to all your furniture, nana?
The evil people took it away!

Wow... How did I escape that twenty-three car pile-up unscathed?
You didn't... They're taking away the rest of your dead carcass to the morgue!
Ah, ****... What will I do all day if I have no balls to scratch?

C'mon, Chen... The Air Dick says he's sorry for kicking your ass. Again.
I don't believe it!
That its sorry?
That I just got my ass kicked (again) by a **** full of air in front of Santa's house!

Kids... Today's guess is superhero, Captain Obvious!
Tell the children something you did that was heroic, Captain Obvious...
I once pulled a stuck twelve-inch ***** out of John Travolta's buttho-

I like the black background the best...
It hides my fattyness!

I think we can sneak in an FPD, if we work fast.
What do you think, Stickboy?
How I could really use a friendly handy right about now.

Before I let you into my bedroom, you have to swear an allegiance to Satan...
I won't do that!
Then, you must swear an allegiance to Hitler!
Nein, and I don't mean the number after eight!
I suppose a friendly handy would be out of the question?

Shtep ashide, Holly... I need to go to the shtore and by some shmokes. *HIC*
No, dad... I won't let you drink and drive!
Heh, heh... I can see your pushy!
I don't mean to be pushy, dad... I'm just worried that- wait. What??

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