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What can I do ya for young feller?
I think a threw a rod in the engine.
Well let me take a look under the hood and see what we got.
Alex Rodriguez?!
The ****er just threw me in the god damn engine!

by Makin_d_bacon
ragu4u takes a trip......
I'm here to visit my daughter.
No can do, fella. She's in the "hole" again!
What the hell? Is she the only woman that gets into trouble here?
Prego's the only one who gets CAUGHT!
She's always been the "saucy" one!
What a DICK-WAD!

by Makin_d_bacon
Where the hell is that garage door repair guy, d_bacon? He was to be here at 8am!
He's prob...
This is bull****! So I guess OUR time ain't valuable, huh?
I really think you should...
I should WHAT? I'll tell ya WHAT! I'm calling the Better Business Burea to report his lazy ass.
It's 8:03, rags. CHILL! They don't open till 9!

Yeah, it sucks you got canned by Aflac...
...but look at the upside.
What's that?
We know how to post a comic, unlike that doofus, Neo11!

by edoggydog
We now go to Phil McCracken who is with a newly fired Wendys employee...
So, is it true you were fired for typing the word, "Chubby" on the receipt of an over-weight customer?
Yes, but it wasn't my fault... The computer auto-corrected what I had actually tried to type in.
And, that was..?
"Fat Fuck".

by Neo11
Hello. I am your new co-worker, Alexa
For real? Alexa, play hits by Elvis. Wait, wait! Alexa, play Elvis while getting me a cup of coffee
Please stop doing that, it's incredibly annoying
Haha, Alexa stop being so mean. Alexa, finish the monthly report for me
Moments Later
Whoa! What the hell happened to you?
I just met the new girl, Alexa. She's nice

by Neo11
Daniel, I hate to have to do this but your time has come does that mean I don't have to go to work tomorrow? Mondays, am I right?
Yes, well keep in mind you will also never see your dog Buster again
That's fine with me. The little jackass bit me yesterday
Also, I have to mention that you are actually heading to Hell for eternity
Seriously? Let’s do this thing! I definitely wasn't looking forward to the harsh, cold winter that everyone is predicting happened at the local morgue...don't ask me why....
Hey their fellow my name's HOOTIE...what's yours?
by DBoba, 10-17-18

by DBoba
Russell has a brainstorm.....
I broke my arm..and when they took the cast arm floated up in the air like this....isn't that weird?
dude...that's whack...
so last night I got to thinking...say..maybe that would work on my ***** too....
so I put a huge cast on my **** I have to wait for 6 weeks to see if I will have a longer lasting erection...
you better hope so because your balls are gonna be blue!

by DBoba
..lets listen in shall we?
in the 1950s in America women didn't have jobs they stayed at home and raised the kids while the men went out and worked
the men smoked and drank with their buds and had extramarital sex which led to high blood pressure liver disease and sexually transmitted diseases
by the time the 1960s came...the men were in their death throes and the women were still healthy and fueled the women's liberation movement which meant they finally got to **** like rabbits too
that's awesome!

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