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by retard
I was riding in my car one day, cruising for ladies. Then I finally realised that I don't have a car and I've been riding a fat lady all this time. Well, to tell you the truth, I was embarassed.
She looked over to me and licked her lips. Then I licked her lips. They tasted like pork rinds. She took a bite out of my torso and swallowed it while looking at me. That was very awkward.
I kicked the fat lady in 3 of her 5 chins. A couple of small children fell out. The children started dancing like mad. It looked weird because no music was playing. So I started to make a beat.
I went: "ticka-ticka boom-boom ticka-ticka boom. ticka-ticka." The small children suggested I played some folk music. I said no and slayed the small children with a broad sword.
I forgot the fat lady was there. She did too and thought she was a leprechaun. She thought I took her gold so she put a curse on me. And since she wasn't a real leprechaun, the curse had no effect.
(I like tying up french girls and then farting on them)
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