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by HCRoyall
Since the last time I posted here, I've had a new daughter born, had a short story published in an anthology, and seen the release of my own novel.
I also went back to working nights, which has left me time to binge watch series I've had on my list for ages, like Star Trek: Enterprise.
It's been a long road, getting from there to here.

by batFucker
Hit this dog while on my way to work today.
Was driving along and next thing you know there's this dog and two pups trying to cross the road. I swerved hard. Then heard a thud. Turns out I hit the dog. It was awful.
Still can't believe I missed the pups.

by batFucker
Dude got ****ed today cuz I told him his wife was hot.
Turns out it was his daughter.
In my defense, she was a very mature looking 8-year-old.

by batFucker
Was on this dating site. Filling out my ****. Tryin' to find a match. But this **** is tough. And at the end of the day, I got no matches.
Maybe that picture of my dog's **** wasn't the best profile pic.
And of course that error I kept getting when searching for 12-year-olds was ****ing up my game too.

by batFucker
Went to the movies last night. Hadn't been in ages. Most movies suck now. No point in going.
Also I was banned from the theater for jerking it.
Didn't think anyone would notice, but I guess there were other people in line.

by batFucker
I hate drama. People talkin' ****. Fuck 'em. So sick of hearing this shirt. "Stop being so selfish." "Stop being so irresponsible."
"Stop molesting my daughter."
Just shut it, mom.

by batFucker
Got fired again this week. But it wasn't my fault.
Everyone beats off at work now and then. Seriously. But no one ****ing knocks anymore.
Guess maybe that's cuz these cubes got no doors.

by batFucker
So I **** my pants last week.
Guess I should probably change.

by HCRoyall
So you see, Hillary and Obama conspired with Russia to get Trump elected!
It was an elaborate plot to get Trump elected and then impeached to embarrass Republicans!
Get off my property before I call the police.
Fair enough.

by Injokester
No madam, **** used to be the correct term, it only became vulgar because of Grope**** Lane, a humourous street in London's red-light district.
It was the association with prostitutes that made it vulgar. Vagina on the other hand is Latin for "sword-sheath".
Mr President, you still haven't explained why you've been ****ting in them.
The PR people only said I can't **** on women anymore.
Fucking suitwits, I hear you.

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