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by HCRoyall
So you see, Hillary and Obama conspired with Russia to get Trump elected!
It was an elaborate plot to get Trump elected and then impeached to embarrass Republicans!
Get off my property before I call the police.
Fair enough.

by Injokester
No madam, **** used to be the correct term, it only became vulgar because of Grope**** Lane, a humourous street in London's red-light district.
It was the association with prostitutes that made it vulgar. Vagina on the other hand is Latin for "sword-sheath".
Mr President, you still haven't explained why you've been ****ting in them.
The PR people only said I can't **** on women anymore.
Fucking suitwits, I hear you.

by Injokester
We will build the wall out of aluminum.
Which I'm told is next to Magnesum on the perodic table of the elments.
See, I told you I'm not the only idiot in this country.

by Injokester
Hey Injokester, why don't you draw a big set of female and ethnic characters to address stripcreator's lack of ethnic and gender diversity?
No, it'll only lead to white men arguing about their political views on the internet.
But that's your excuse for getting out of everything!
It literally works for everything.

by batFucker
Saw this ad for some bodywash. Showed some dude getting girls like crazy once they smelled his bodywash.
Seriously stupid.
Chloroform works way better.

by batFucker
They say the best gift is giving. They say it feels good to make other people happy. So you should always try to give what you can. But you know, there's one thing I've learned you shouldn't give.

by batFucker
My daddy passed away the other day. It was horrible. And he was mad at me when he died too. It was awful. I could tell he was gonna pass soon, so I told him I loved him and gave him a kiss.
Guess I shouldn't have slipped him the tongue.
And stabbin' him all over probably didn't help either.

by batFucker
Was at the graveyard earlier today and had to take a leak pretty bad. So I ****ed behind a tree.
My family got all mad. "This is a total disrespect of your grandmother's service," they said.
Guess they had a point. Probably shoulda waited till after I finished the eulogy.

by batFucker
Saw our old fifth grade teacher today.
Oh yeah dude! How crazy! I bumped into her early today too!
I always had a thing for her. Seeing her today. Oh boy. Man. Got me going.
Dude. She's like 80 now.
Oh. Yeah. I mean. Like, Oh boy. It got me going wondering how she's been. You know. Just catching up. Was a trip.
Trip for sure dude. She said she caught some ****ing weirdo creeping thorugh her window while she was taking a ****.

by batFucker
Got in trouble with the cops again the other day. Sucks. Now I gotta go back to court. Judge is gonna **** all over me. Guess I shouldn't have huffed all that paint.
Especially in line at Target.

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