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by fuck
well asain girl this is it. the last **** commic. im hangin up my rapping shoe's for good. how abot 1 last unconsenshal sex sessan, just for old times sake??
id rather not, but i dont supose that make's anny diferrance
and that's a rapp!!

by fuck
this is fred (me)
krammer-vs-krammer: welldone **** you win cc 163!!
what!! i beet fuzyman!! i cant bel;eive it
this call's for a celberaton. i will spare no excpense!!
this time ill pay for the members galary!!

by fuck
i was pressadent of the u s of a but i got impeeched for under age ****. what are you in for??
i cut of the scrotum's of child mollester's and stick them up there ass
o, in that case i was just kidin about the under age ****. im actally in for tax frod
i cut of the scrotums of tax frod's too
is thier any one whos scrotum's you dont cut off??

by fuck
my fellow american's, i am on tv. thare have been som dirty rumor's about me
they hurt my famly deeplky
my mom cryed her self too sleep last nite. i no becuase i had just ****ed the ****
anny way, i did not have sexal relaton's with that 8 yeer old + if you say i did ill **** youre kids in there eye socket
do you think that oghta fool em??
i resine

by fuck
pressadent *******, bad new's
what is it.
thares rumor's that you **** 8 yeer old girl's in thare ass hole's and then beet the ****in **** out of them
whats wrong with that!! are you som kind of puratan!!
no, bnut it do's not look good, christain america is ofended. may be you shold go on tv and denny the rumor's
****in religios maniac's

by fuck
halo mister pressadent
asain girl?? i didnt no you worked in the ovel ofice?? what do you do, as if i cant gess
i give the pressadent his mornin **** suck
id preffer stickin it in youre filthy unwashed vaggina if its all the same
no, that wold brake my hyman, thare musnt be proof
how abot an ass****ing then??

by fuck
well what are youre polacy for if you win the electon mr big shot??
i just did youre mom
youre mean, sob sob
anny way, if elected i will lock up all sex ofender's for 84,234,73924,5,23,2813,39 yeer's
the ressult's are in, the mad ******* win's by a land slide!!
i was just kiddin about that sexal ofender's bit by the way

by fuck
well com to the pressadentail electon debate. now hear are pressadent gorge bush and the chalanger, the mad *******
if reeelected i will take all youre mony give it to christain group's
escuse me mr pressadent. didnt you do cocane in youre yooth?? what kind of christain do you call youre self!!
emmmmm im too stuppid too anser that question
i invcented the internet

by fuck
helo i am the preest who will mary you. do you asain girl take the mad ******* to be youre lofful weded husband to cherrish and too hold??
i do!!
do you mad ******* take asain girl to be youre wife. to love no other till deth do's you part??
emmmmmm wate, do's this meen no more rapping from now on??
you got it
what!! no rappin!! **** that!! NOW BEND OVER + TAKE IT LIKE A HOAR GODBOY!!

by fuck
did i heer you rite!!
yes!! ive loved you since the momment i met you, ive just been hidding it al this time. hear, ive ritten a peom to expres my feelins. it go's like this
oh asain girl i love you so, in youre beuatey i am basking
i hope you can forgive those time's i ****ed you with out asking
oh!! that is the most lovly thing i have ever herd!! i nevver new you had such rommance in youre sole!!
do you feel the same?? will you mary me??

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