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somehow i managed to escape that hellhole! i wouldn't believe it were i not here! now i just need to make it home in time to prevent a crime too... too... *choke* too RIBALD for words!
hey mac, did i hear you say you're planning a jewel heist?
er, no, i'm afraid you're mistaken! right now the only thing on my mind is going home to my wife!
i've got a crew ready to go. if you're in, do or say anything and i will find a way to misconstrue it as assent.
wow, what impenetrable silence. i can see you're already fully in stealth mode. reading you loud and clear, pal. we ride at midnight.

holy ****, we have a pool, too? er, i mean, of course we do. fantastic, simply fantastic.
it is, isn't it? it's so easy to forget to appreciate the things we have. i'm bad about it, myself. i love how even after all these years of marriage, we're still learning from each other. hee hee!
it's true, raindrop. i really have been blessed. fortune has smiled upon me. not like that brother of mine, lluks. life's been so hard for him. but what do i care, huh? i was mom's favorite anyway.
yep, i'm sure old lluks would love to have a place like this and a babe like you. i'm sure seeing all this would make him incredibly angry. perhaps even angry enough to kill? i wonder. i wonder.
indeed! what an interesting hypothetical! i enjoy these sorts of abstract thought experiments!

gosh! i've got to get out of here and stop my evil twin brother from having... having... *choke* a DALLIANCE with my wife! if only i could loosen these bars!
hey buddy, did i hear you right? you want outta here?
why yes i do, good sir! say, do you like jokes? a rabbi, a mexican and a chiropractor walk into a bar-
me and some of my boys are planning a breakout. tonight at twelve. if you're in, bend over in the shower tonight, present your rectum to all gathered parties, and say 'come and get it fellas'
does that have to be the signal?
we need to be sure.

i'm telling you, lluks is a madman! a complete psychopath! he's the one who should be in here, this is all a misunderstanding! worst of all, he has... *choke* designs on my wife!
yeah yeah, listen bucko, i've heard it all before. half the guys in this cell block are mistaken for their evil twin.
wow. a disturbingly high number. and if you consider the fact that many men are too ashamed to come forward and report it, the actual numbers are likely much higher.
current estimates suggest that as many as eighty percent are mistaken for their evil twin
how can we fix this?
society is the thing that breeds these monsters. how do you fix society?

hold on to your bent line, raindrop, because this next joke is a real doozy! what is a minister's favorite movie?
good question! what, pray tell, is it?
impossible question to answer! taste in cinema actually varies from minister to minister!
wow! i thought a punchline was coming but it didn't!
now then, raindrop, woman who i, the real skull, am married to, let us go have married sex in the house that you and i both own together
tee-hee! my, my, skull! you're not usually so forward! and never in such an overly specific manner! yes, let us depart!

it doesn't end there! i've got another paragon of a pleasantry for you, raindrop my sweet!
oh goody! i can't wait!
why did the sloth count to twenty?
as always, i await the answer with attention most rapt!
am i gonna have to get the hose again, inmate 225?

well hey there raindrop! sure is great to be back on the air after such an extensive hiatus, is it not?
it not not is, skull! got any jokes for me?
does a bear **** in the woods?
i dunno, skull! DOES a bear **** in the woods?
he "wood" if he could!
hah! you sure hit it out of the park with that one, skull my love!

by areallystupidguy
would you ever kill someone?
wow. that's a really hard question. i mean, if someone hurt my family... wow. i'd be furious. maybe mad enough to kill, even. but could i go through with it?
i don't know if there's anything that would make me mad enough to go that far. but i guess you don't really know until you're put in that situation.
what if she was a hitch hiker?

was that thing here yesterday?
oh, so you noticed! that, my friend, is my brand new pizza oven! guy down the street gave me a fantastic deal on it!
can't you just make pizzas in a regular oven?
what?! are you crazy, dude?! that's genuine italian brick! no regular oven can match the flavor, texture, or pure QUALITY of AUTHENTIC pizza!
wow. i didn't know that.
now run down to the gas station and pick up some red barons so we can try this baby out!

hey darrell, long time no see. you still dating what's-her-face?
how did her facial reconstructive surgery go...?
pretty good, you ****ing prick.

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