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The situation heats up
So PR I am still supposed to write the content for the press release, media alerts, content for events, look for influencers all for Jac because you categorise this all under Content?
Kylie rephrases it as saying Serene wants Jac to be a full fledge PR person , expected to write her own press release and all other PR related activities wholly
I see what you said as all under Content. The PR person goes out to meet with the press, influencers, advises you strategies on the press release and and you write.
so in other words I do my own work scope - Content- as well as all the legwork for PR and Jac just fronts PR??
In the interest of the company to move on, Serene agrees to take on social media Despite it Clearly Being a key role in PR
We could look at hiring a part time or out source social media person
I maintain in the long run it will not be sustainable for me to do social media by myself
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