Poor Jim

Poor Jim is like most husbands that just don't get this whole romance thing with his wife. He thinks most guys go overboard to please their wives. He's content with keeping his life simple and relationship with his wife simple. He thinks that romance is overrated. Please read saga of "Poor Jim"

by sgworthy
The saga of Jim Begins...
So your wife doesn't think your romantic, huh?
Can you believe it, I am the Don Juan of Romance..
Jim is like most husbands when it comes to romance...he does not have a clue..
Yeah Prove it..
Well, just last week, while I was watching the game, I said to her, "Honey, I love you."
The saga of Jim Continues...
Was that before or after she brought you chips and a soda?
Uh...after. But that still counts...right?

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Poor Jim

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