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by bigworm
Although our culture loves masks and costumes, your 'angry bull' mask prevents me from getting a boner. Could you help me out?
Oh boy!!! I'm pretty sure my boner wants to get this big!!!
Por favor maybe could you leave it off for 30 minutes?

by bigworm
The Dr. told me I have the worse case of syphilis he's ever seen. He wants me to bring you in.
So have you got anything nice you could wear? A nice summer dress?
A dress? So he won't notice I'm a cow?
That's a good point! I'll get you some lipstick and a hat too.

by bigworm
Brothers!!! New guy here say "One monk, one sniff" only! All monks who make 2 sniffs go to Hell probably sometime tomorrow. OKAY!!! LIGHTS OUT!!!
Oh! I see! This is another one of your real big practical fake monk outrage hiney jokes huh!!! We are simple monks! How can can we sniff a hiney we can't even see???
YES!!! How can we act normal to inhale such a big and mighty stinking ca-ca in only 1 sniff when we can't even see the vestibule wherefrom which it floated out to us for personal use!!!???
Answer to question 1- A true monk will follow the poop-stench gradient. Answer to question 2- Your idea that this poop "floated out" is erroneous! It fell straight out the portal!

by bigworm
Put the peanut butter away!
I'm not a dog.

No snuggling 'till you grow it back!
by bigworm, 10-20-19

by bigworm
So you looked everywhere and no luck?
How about your wife's mouth?

by bigworm
They're gone??? My heart is so sad for you!
Did you look under your pillow?

by bigworm
There's no reason to be afraid of the butcher.
I promise he won't disembowel you...
...until after you're dead.

by bigworm
But I ate them con mucho gusto!!!
Did that assuage your anger?

by bigworm
Now we go to Great Hall and you show everybody your hiney. But first I go into bushes and show you my hiney.
I guess.
You like it? All my brother monks call it "Gape-way To Heaven"!
You mean "Gate-way"?
You right, it means same thing!

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