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by silent_fart
Downshifting into low/recoup gear, Granny acceptsonly 1/2 of the help she asked for.
'Bag" yes, but "bagwretch isn't even a word, so how could I be one?
Look, we were talking about you bein' a wretch, then you can't get a word out that starts with a 'b', so I just put 'em together!
Tryin' hard to save face Granny gives up just a few more % points.
LISTEN UP JERKO!!! You failed in the 'new word' category. If you would've STFU for a minute I would've explained!!!
I'm so sorry. Please continue, I'm listening.
WOW! She's turned it all around! Now for the coup de gras, and then the Blue Ribbon!!!
So, I'm a certified old bag who ACTS LIKE A WRETCH!!! (wait for it... just a bit more...) But isn't one!!!
Sounds good to me!
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