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On July 27, 2003, yours truly created, a full month's worth of "On this date"s.
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by kaufman, 1-22-14

The camel that predicted super bowl winners died yesterday in New Jersey.
I guess she wouldn't endorse Christie last fall either.
by kaufman, 1-17-14

by kaufman
Meanwhile on the other side of Transylvania, Victor's cousin, Dr. Frankentomologist, dug up body parts for his experiments on reanimating the dead.

by kaufman
Ok, buddy, in you go.
Hah, that wasn't so hard. Now comes Miller time, and soon I'll be getting that promo...
AHA! Is that what you thought they meant by "plant a bug"? Wait till the world hears about this!

by kaufman
In December, 2013, the Royal Family attended a special screening of a biography of the South African National hero.
It is our pleasure to present to you Mandela: The Long Walk to Freedom.
But at the end of the movie, those in attendence were informed of some shocking news.
Your Highness, I regret to say that while you were inside, Mr. Mandela passed away.
Responding quickly, MI6 arranged for weekly biopic screenings for the Royal Family.
Today it is our great pleasure to present to you a new film: Kim Jong Unbelievable.

by kaufman
If you squeak when tou fart, your ass probably plays La Marseillaise when you ****....
You've got MAIDS.
pfft pfft poopoo poopoo poooo poooo pfffft ....
In which case the French will salute your turds.
Sacre bleu! Le grand merde!
And if three Frenchmen have their hands up in saluting two such pieces of ****, we can conclude that David Cassidy must be in the treetops.
We have three French hands, two turds of dung, ergo I must be in a pear tree.

by kaufman
One day in the hospital cafeteria ...
Thank god you're here. I was eating with my friend the Medical Examiner, when he suddenly keeled over.
It might be food poisoning. What was he eating?
Shouldn't be poison; I was having it too. We were both eating pureed infants.
IDIOT! Nobody puts baby in a coroner!

by kaufman
December, 1938: Hitler is called into God's office.
I don't see what the problem is. You Yourself told me that I could annex the German-speaking parts of Czechoslovakia.
That's not the problem. The problem is that Me-damned battle song your army was singing as they marched in.
But why? It's a catchy tune.
It's TOO catchy! Now I can't get the ****ing thing out of my head. I don't want any singing whatsoever when you invade Poland.
All right, all right.
o/` Twenty twenty twenty four hours to go, I wanna be Sudatened, Nothing to do, nowhere to go, I wanna be Sudatened ...

by kaufman
And now Suzie will give her book report on Around the World in 80 Days.
Phileas Fogg made a wager that he could circle the globe in just 80 days. He got off to a very good start.
He rode an elephant across India and a steamship across the ocean, but when he tried to fly, the hot air balloon he was in broke and crashed.
I guess you can say the balloon was his Achilles helium.

by kaufman
Hey Ken, are you at all ticked off about losing the comic contest to that new guy?
Not at all. His entry truly epitomized the vacation from hell much better than anything us old timers did.
Yeah, that was some comic. Vacationing in one of the world's great cities, all the sites, Spanish Steps, Colosseum, the Vatican.
But the whole time he can hear that insipid Journey song playing, over and over and OVER again!
Summed up in the third panel where there's just a black background while the narration box goes on and on: "Don't stop believing ..."
Good job SopranoJames. Can't wait to see what you have in store for us in CC 538.

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