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No, YOU suck.
by wirthling, 5-16-15

Congratulations on being named the Worst Elvis Impersonator of 2015!
Thank you. Thank you a lot.
by kaufman, 5-15-15

by kaufman
Yes, Captain, this is definitely the end of the rainbow, but I am not detecting any life, nor am I detecting any pots of gold.

by kaufman, 3-17-15

by kaufman
Holy ****. Earthupials!

by kaufman
Heard from Wirthling lately?
Yeah, he's gotten a job in the Middle East making ISIS videos.
He'll be a natural.

by kaufman
See you later.
Bye. Last one to leave the site, turn out the lights.
Hey, how are you doing? What have you been up to all these years?
Getting a haircut and a beard trim. It was a lot of work for them.

by kaufman
There's nothing quite like having medical professionals performing unspeakable indignities on you.
Did your "prep" go well?
Oh yeah. Who knew my bathroom wallpaper was so fascinating, I could stare at it for hours?
Good. The doctor will be sending a robotic device up the length of your large intestine.
Great. Robots in my butt. The guys at stripcreator would love that idea.
Luckily, these things still give me the opportunity to do what I do best. Yes, this really happened (paraphrased).
Hey, what's that smell? Something in here smells really nice today.
Uh, did I misread something? I'm here for a cologneoscopy, right?

by kaufman
Hi Brenda, oh my god, you look terrible! What happened?
I was shopping for a fur coat this afternoon. I tried one on, but I guess it wasn't dead yet. The coat attacked me. I couldn't breathe.
I thought I was done for, but suddenly this guy came in, poked at the coat, and distracted it enough that it went after him and I could escape.
You are so lucky! Who was that brave man who rescued you?
I don't know. Some Rodeo Drive clown.

by kaufman
In honor of Black History Month, we pay tribute to James Wilkens, who reformed the idea of Leap Year as we know it.
Nobody cares about February 29th, and it's so confusing, coming only every 4 years.
He came up with the idea of ditching February 29th. Instead, now every four years, we have two February 14ths. A double Valentine's Day! A lover's paradise, who wouldn't like that?
I wuv you!
I know. You told me that yesterday.
Ok, besides this guy. And millions of others like him.
nobody wants to go out with me i'm all alone and i get this rubbed in my face for another whole day why me why?

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