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by kaufman
Former coach John Madden said he was saddened by the passing of Ken Stabler.
Well, ****. We know he was no Lamonica, but if Madden felt that way, why didn't he just cut the guy?

by kaufman
Hey, I hear you got the new Madden 2015. How is the game?
Let me tell you, it's the best and most realistic one yet!
Yeah. I was playing Giants-Eagles yesterday and Jason Pierre-Paul sacked the quarterback ...
Pierre-Paul? But he's the one who just blew off half his hand in a fireworks accident.
Yup, and get this. Just like the great folks they are, 50,000 Philly fans offered him the finger.

by kaufman
What's the matter, honey?
Is it that letter? Did you get some bad news? What's it say?
It says ... "Boop."
Yeah. Some of these play-by-mail Pong players are REALLY tough.

by kaufman
This is a very exciting day. In just a few moments, the New Horizons spacecraft will send back the first close-up pictures from Pluto!
Will you look at that! The strange, distant, unclassifiable member of our solar system and ... What's that down there? Can you zoom in please?
It looks like ... a sign.

by kaufman
Welcome to Eocene Park! Here you will see real live creatures from 50 million years ago. Creatures like the eohippus, the forerunner of today's horse!
An eohippus? WOW! What did you do? Get some of its DNA from fossilized mosquitoes and clone it and bring it to life?
Don't be silly. That stuff only happens in fantasy movies.
No, we accelerated it to within a few miles an hour of the speed of light, and thanks to relativity, 50 million years had elapsed by the time it got back to earth.
Whatever. We have a lawyer with us. Can the eohippus eat him when he takes a dump?

I'm sorry, Caitlyn, but your, er, transformation does not qualify you to win the prize.
But the ad said ten million dollars to anyone who could demonstrate a method of human re-Jenner-ation.
by kaufman, 6-03-15

by kaufman
Where do you think you're going young woman? You did not finish everything on your plate.
But I don't like pizza crusts!
Didn't you hear? A man is accused of murder because he didn't eat the crust of the pizza he got while holding his victims hostage, and the police found his DNA.
From the pizza crust?
That's right. Now finish your pizza, and then you can go kill Daddy and Johnny.
I love you, mommy.

No, YOU suck.
by wirthling, 5-16-15

Congratulations on being named the Worst Elvis Impersonator of 2015!
Thank you. Thank you a lot.
by kaufman, 5-15-15

by kaufman
Yes, Captain, this is definitely the end of the rainbow, but I am not detecting any life, nor am I detecting any pots of gold.

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