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by kaufman
Ok, this is the draft for our new fantasy Stripcreator league. You know the rules. You get 5 strippers, 2 paying, 3 unpaid; 2 characters, a background and 2 joke types. Abe, you have first pick.
I'll take anal sex jokes.
Oh ****. He's already won the league.

by kaufman
No, Mr. Gingrich, I've told you before, I have no idea whatsoever where your eye might be.

by kaufman
And then he screamed out, "Yo'phuthogugl!"
Oh my god! Then what?
What do you think? I just fell to the floor!
Laughing that hard?
Exactly. So I said, "Mr. Stallone, I think we'd better change her name to Adrian."

by kaufman
I'm starting to worry about the boy.
Everything was fine until we got there, and then he tensed up and started saying, "I see dead people."
He wouldn't stop until we left. He was creating quite the scene.
Well, maybe taking little Clark to Smallville Cemetery wasn't the best idea.

by kaufman
We are reporting live from the funeral of game show host Monty Hall. His long-time announcer, Jay Stewart, is approaching the casket ...
And now, per his will, one of the many mourners here has been selected to receive a bequest of $500.
Now, Mr. Hall's family is asking her if she wants to keep the money or trade it for what's in the box Jay Stewart is standing next to.

by kaufman
Hey Gabe, do you know what happened to Japan? I don't see it down there.
Really? Hmmmmm ... you're right. Let me try to get some information on what happened.
select * from past 7 days where country = 'Japan';
You won't believe this. Our buddy Jesus ate it yesterday.
Oh crap. I told the kid a hundred times that he is NOT the Son of Godzilla.

by gabe_billings
Happy Birthday! I got you a present!
It's a dead raccoon with a ribbon wrapped around it.
Silly. The raccoon isn't your present.
Thank god. For a minute there...
I just used the raccoon to wrap it.
What the **** is wrong with you?

by kaufman
Tell me, what are you looking at?
Let's see. With this eye that tree over there, with this one that house, with this one, that blade of grass, with this one, that nice pile of ****, with this one the cow, ...
with this one, the third bird flying up there, with this one, the person reading this comic, with this one that discarded beer bottle, with this one that other blade...
Sheesh. Never mind, forget I asked!
... of grass ... Hey, where are you going? I have 9,991 more things to tell you about!

by kaufman
And how was your meal, sir?
The pancakes were wonderful, the eggs delicious...
... but the cereal was awful! I've never tasted anything so bad. It was inedibly stale!
Of course it was, sir. We use only the most ancient of grains!

by kaufman
Hey, what are you doing?
Are you listening to me? How long have you been lying there?
Well, tell you what? If you've been doing it for that long, I have a job for you.

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