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by kaufman
Most of the great authors were pretty infamous drunkards, but there were exceptions. O Henry's lips never touched a drop of alcohol.
He may have said that, but once I got him to have a drink solely by the power of suggestion.
Yeah, right.
No. really. We were having lunch in a place frequented by famous politicians, and I saw Hubert Horatio Humphrey and Herbert Hoover walk in.
So I said, "See H 3, see H 2, O. H." The rest is history.

by kaufman
What is this place?
Let me guess. You just got the new Google GPS device that can get you anywhere, took it on a road trip, and asked it for a good place to take a ****.
Uh, yeah. How did you know?
I was doing the same exact thing, on my way from Madison to Flagstaff, needed to take a dump, and it took me here.
Yup, exactly the same with me, except I was going across Pennsylvania. So just where are we?
Donald Trump's hair.

by kaufman
Last month I drove from Wisconsin to Arizona. Long trip, but a lot of fun.
Oh no, man, not the Wisconsin-Arizona route. I hear the restrooms along the way are terrible.
I wouldn't know. I drove across Iowa, Missouri, Kansas, couldn't pee, couldn't ****. Through Oklahoma, Texas, into New Mexico, nada.
That's awful! You must have been hurting.
You know it. Then finally a bit over an hour past Albuquerque, I went over this hill and everything just exploded out of me.
Don't tell me ... You hit the Incontinental Divide.

by kaufman
We begin tonight's news with the story of a blockbuster trade between the United States and the United Arab Emirates.
The US will be receiving the city of Dubai in exchange for Philadelphia and a river to be named later.
A spokesman says the US is excited to get this phenom city. Meanwhile, the Emirates say that they will rename Philadelphia to Abu Santaclaus.

by kaufman
There's a morals problem with our baseball team.
The gambling and drugs are one thing, but now they've taken it even further.
Yesterday I went into the locker room and caught the second baseman buggering the first baseman.

by kaufman
Write about something you see in nature.
An exceptional report!
Why, Knight?

by kaufman
Oh ****, the mine's caved in. And you and Tim and I are the only ones down here.
We're going to be stuck down here and we'll probably starve to death. God, I'm already hungry.
You know, suddenly I feel less hungry. I think I'll take a nap.
Me too. Hmmm ... I wonder where Timothy went.
Hey, wake up. I think I hear rescuers coming to get us.
About time. It's scary when two people are trapped alone in a dark mine.

by kaufman
Day 1
Hey dude, you got a name or something?
Day 3
C'mon, man, tell me your name.
Day 9
Shit man, I let that horse go, but I never found out his name.

by kaufman
Goodbye honey, I'm off to war.
I wish you wouldn't. I worry about you. Don't be stupid and try to be a hero or something. Promise you'll come back in one piece.
I need a volunteer to go on a dangerous mission. You have a chance to be a real hero.
I'm your man.
We regret to inform you that Billy was killed in battle. Rest assured, he was a true hero.

by kaufman
What do you think so far?
Those are quite interesting, but I think you're forgetting something.
Oh don't worry, there's a boatload of disco coming up.
No, not that. You're posting this to a comic contest thread and it has nothing to do with the theme of the contest.
You're right, I totally forgot. Maybe we can find something in here that fits the theme ...

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