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by gabe_billings
Time to get back to comic making!
I’ve been trying for years but the computer won’t save them.
I’d be happy to try and troubleshoot for you.
I’ll go grab the ****er!
That’s not a computer, you asshat. That’s your toaster!
What the ****? Then where have I been putting all my Pop Tarts?

by kaufman
Hi, I'm Brad, creator, owner and caretaker of Stripcreator. You may be wondering why our site is flooded with ads from essay-writing services.
Essay, essay, five cent.
The fact is, to keep the site running, I have entered into lucrative partnerships with sites such as EssaysVerboseItemsofLiterature&
Hey pard, look at this essay I wrote about gravitons.
I've even given them an account here so they can make promotional comics.
We gave this 8-year old a winning essay on why not groping classmates was sufficient for inclusion on Santa's nice list.

by kaufman
Santa must love doctors. My wife is a pediatrician, and she gets the most thoughtful and amazing gifts.
I don't know. Santa never brings my wife anything.
Is she a doctor too?
Yeah, an anesthesiologist.
That's odd ...
I guess I just have an unlisted number.

by kaufman
So 1944 was the only year Santa didn't bring you presents?
Well, there was also 1949, when he paid my parents and those of all the other children, and brought us to the North Pole instead.
Wow! Yuo got to go to Santa's place? How lucky!
It wasn't luck. He had switched his gift list with his shopping list and bought all the kids.
So what happened to all the presents? Where did they go?
Oh, you know. Cereal boxes, Cracker Jacks. There's a reason the guy's so chubby.

by kaufman
Grandma, did Santa bring you Christmas presents when you were a little girl?
He usually did. Except in 1944. That year, the only people who got presents were about a thousand Jewish adults.
Wow, that's strange. What did you do?
There wasn't much I could do. I and all the other children had to work in a factory in Central Europe until they straightened it out.
Straightened out? Why? What happened?
Apparently, Santa's list and Schindler's list had accidentally gotten switched.

by kaufman
Ok, this is the draft for our new fantasy Stripcreator league. You know the rules. You get 5 strippers, 2 paying, 3 unpaid; 2 characters, a background and 2 joke types. Abe, you have first pick.
I'll take anal sex jokes.
Oh ****. He's already won the league.

by kaufman
No, Mr. Gingrich, I've told you before, I have no idea whatsoever where your eye might be.

by kaufman
And then he screamed out, "Yo'phuthogugl!"
Oh my god! Then what?
What do you think? I just fell to the floor!
Laughing that hard?
Exactly. So I said, "Mr. Stallone, I think we'd better change her name to Adrian."

by kaufman
I'm starting to worry about the boy.
Everything was fine until we got there, and then he tensed up and started saying, "I see dead people."
He wouldn't stop until we left. He was creating quite the scene.
Well, maybe taking little Clark to Smallville Cemetery wasn't the best idea.

by kaufman
We are reporting live from the funeral of game show host Monty Hall. His long-time announcer, Jay Stewart, is approaching the casket ...
And now, per his will, one of the many mourners here has been selected to receive a bequest of $500.
Now, Mr. Hall's family is asking her if she wants to keep the money or trade it for what's in the box Jay Stewart is standing next to.

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