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When I'm bored, I make comics. Occasionally, they're even funny. How about that! If you are in the mood for an archive binge, I suggest starting around comic #50 (or #30 if you stick to the recurring theme items like "Songs In 3 Panels"); the first #1-29 are mostly exposition, bad puns, and me futzing around with the interface.
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by somnambulist
Once again, I have stumbled into an actual romantic relationship.
I'm not sure buying all of your alcoholic beverages from the same cute Irish bartender counts as a "relationship."
No, this is real! But she is disturbingly normal for a girl I met through online dating. She's nice and never bitchy.
You're going to take this opportunity to complain about it anyway, despite the fact that it's going well, aren't you?
I'm just baffled by the notion of a girl who only wants to give blowjobs all the time. Am I in an alternate universe?
You're an idiot. A lucky idiot, who is probably low on blood sugar due to receiving constant oral pleasure.
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