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by squidblaine
You know, I really hate that Functionalist plant, tiny girl. His social philosophy is basically that all society is happy, perfect and we are all content!
To be honest, I found his belief to be a lot more valid - and non-contradictory - than your's, Marksy. In fact, I wouldn't even call your views Marxist!
Oh, is that so? I suppose you believe that Marxism itself deters free-thinking, as evident in it's demented bastard son, Communism?
Yes, that is very true! I will agree that Communism is very much more extreme than Marxism, but nonetheless, the bourgeoise and the proletariat are workers, not thinkers, or artists!
That's where you're wrong! In the final stage of a Marxist revolution, the class system itself is entirely abolished, allowing all people to do as they wish! Which might include making webcomics!
You're right Marksy. But, to be honest, all the social theories that have been discussed have been horribly misinterpretted by us, and social theories cannot effectively be applied to art. Woe is us!
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