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I'm insane. Deal with it.
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by stormcloud
Welcome to The United Church of America(tm). I'm your new President, and I hate you. I also hate non-Christians. And inner city youth. And poor people. And anyone who isn't Texan.
Texas, huh? My god, son. Only two things come from Texas. Can I call you Private Cowboy? You sure do have a purty mouth.
Yes, I soon will rule this country with...Wait. What did you say?
I said, pucker up sweetcheeks. I'm going to **** you, like you're ****ing this country
I...Um...I have to go now. My dad's waiting to tell me how to run this country, and do all the things he wasn't allowed to.
Woo! Shake that Booty! Go on now, back that ass up!
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