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by zteknofreak
why is it that every powerpoint presentation has an obligatory comic quote, or video in it?
hmmm. that is an interesting observation.
i've got nothing.
hmmm, maybe i should put that funny hitchikers quote in my next powerpoint . . .

by zteknofreak
massachusetts state vehicle excise tax? what the? . . . computer. what is the massachussetts state vehicle excise tax for?
. . . accessing . . .
found. . . . . . . What is motor vehicle excise tax? . . . It is an annual tax for the privilege of registration.
the privilege of registration? what the **** does that mean?
. . . does not compute . . . does not compute . . . aieeeee!!!

by zteknofreak
mike, what does 'awaiting customer content migration:' mean?
read it.
i just read it. it doesn't make any sense.
read it.
goodbye cruel world.

by fragpig
I was feeling slightly boisterous this weekend. After "liberating" several house pets.. I met up with some hippies handing out flyers
...."Turn that Loathing into Loving?"
Yeah man, it's time to fight the system! The Green Party is ready for '04. Don't eat meat. Patchouli is the whales!
Inspired by the this guru of grungy clothes, I decided to make some protests of my own of equal importance to the community.
...What did you say?
I said ,"PETA stands for Pederasts Envision a Transgendered America"! Time for Shower power! Let's turn that wanting into washing. Come on, Dexter dirtball, let's build a big shower station!
True to form, the little ****s were upset and called the authorities. When the judge saw me he just sentenced me to six months... And guess who was also sentenced that day?
...Man, this is so wack...Umm what are you thinking about?
How your whining is going to keep me up all night now that I sold you for shower time for some toilet whine.

by fragpig
When my roommate was fired.. I asked him how he was going to pay the rent.
... With Love in my heart!
Wonderful! Let me help you appraise it for you
I began interviewing subletters after the lye in the tub burned away the evidence... none of them were that appealing.
After College, I intend to become the president of this town's Legalize It! chapter.
Would you mind stepping a bit closer to the window? I want no chance of your stench lingering here longer than you do when I push you out.
Finally, I found a new roommate. Things were going fine until one day a familiar face showed up...
c'mere sweet thang!
Rock over London, Rock on Chicago....

by fragpig
I always had a theory as to where those disgusting 'Furry' roleplayers came from.
I have the best concept for a Pirate Panda who owns several sex slaves....
Move along to the Hotel, experiment Fat****-5
They are in every hotel I go to...every computer store. With their Sailor Moon comics and strange odors
Do you guys have any interactive Anime porno?
Sorry.. I don't speak basement... move along you zitty *******.
Of course the funniest thing is they feel there is nothing wrong with finding animal-people sexy... So 'secure' they are in this that they are often the first to judge people.
Hey, the 1950's are over.
Riveting. Perhaps you'd care to be retroactively aborted you malignanacy?

by fragpig
When last you heard from me, I had just become single and boy has the phone kept ringing
...Beep! Hey Sweet thing... why don't you come over?
How about no?
It's become rather disturbing as one caller keeps leaving saucy messages all day.
...Beep! I'm so hot waiting for you...You're soo sexy.
Touching story.
They've been pretty raunchy... But I expect it.. Grandma ia always gets like this when she thinks I'll forget mother's day.
..Beep! Mmmmm. baby

by zteknofreak
The Invite
Hey ZT. I'm turning 21 on Saturday. You gonna be at the party?
Hey Neil. Yeah. Party sounds good. I'll see you there.
Saturday Night.
Hey buddy. How you feeling?
Happy Birthday Neil.

by zteknofreak
. . . and off to your left you will see Jesus of Nasereth . . .
. . . Jesus has been crucified for the sins of mankind.
Actually, the worst part is this wedgie.
. . . right this way.

by zteknofreak
Cable Modem Install
I'm sorry sir, we will not be able to finish the installation.
Give Me back my tools.
aieeee . . .

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