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by Nibor
What would Jesus do for a Klondike bar?
Can you blame him?
No way. Keep your damn Klondike bar.
You ain't exactly Don Juan yourself, buddy.

by Nibor
Nope...the orders clearly read "Have him keelhauled." Not "********d."
Rar...Tobor make mistake.

by PoKeE
There've been some changes....
And what are you supposed to be? Some sort of superhero?
I am Placid Peter, champion of pacifists everywhere!
New charectars, new backgrounds...
What do you mean? You like the oceans in California?
No, I stand for peace and love!
Same 8th grade humor...
Does that mean you won't pass a fist through my head?
I will not nail a commie for Jesus!

by Nibor
Do the recent events in the world make you feel less safe, AI?
Do they ever!
Really? It's kind of comforting, knowing that all this scares you too.
You bet, Bob. Code Red, Code Blue, Sircam...there's viruses EVERYWHERE! Even if I'm not infected, I can be attacked right off the net at any time...I'm freaked!
Those aren't the current events I was talking about, AI.
Hold me.

by Nibor
Bob, since you seem so touchy about me just moving money to your account, I've taken it upon myself to help you locate a job.
Well, it's about time some ethics got through to you. What have you done so far?
I've searched all the jobs listings in the area, selected the ones you are qualified for, and have compiled a listing. You can have them sorted by field, location, pay...
This is great! Why don't we start by sorting it by pay?
It doesn't really matter; "Associate Refuse Engineer" at BurgerTime is the only job on the list.
You have an awfully low opinion of your maker, you know that?

by Nibor
What the hell is that? That damn plane Batman flies?
I have no idea. How about a big metal weapon out of some Krull-like universe?
Could be ... It's got to be SOMETHING. Maybe it's a tie clip.
Hell if I know. Some beast's mouth and fangs, gleaming in the dark?
Crimoney. Someone's gotta know.

by Nibor
Well, I tried having tryouts for a TOBOR understudy.
Tobor wants a lollypop!
It's not going so well. Everyone's a prima donna and has to put thier own touch into it.
Oooh, I'm Tobor, and I will tie you up, whip you and make you lick my boots, then sodomize you with my whip!
Like, RAR, man. Tobor, or not Tobor, you dig? Either way, you're getting ********d. Yea, man.
Like, rar, okay? *teehee* And, Tobor will, like, ******** you, okay? *headbob* Um...I don't get it. *teehee*

by Nibor
Okay, I think we've got this Home Item Locator program all finished.
I'm pretty sure I know where everything in the house is by now, Bob.
Let's test it. AI, where are my lucky socks?
Refrigerator, bottom shelf, dipped in the guacamole.
Yeesh. I think this is still a little buggy.
And I think you don't remember much after those margaritas last night.

by Nibor
You know, AI, you being a computer and all, perhaps playing online games against people isn't really fair.
Bob, hush. You're distracting me. *zap*blamblamblam*
I think, perhaps, we should take time out to teach you about "fair play"
Not just now...*BLAM*BLAM* DAMMIT!
At least, it would be if you were winning.
I swear those *******s are cheating.

by Nibor
So, you say you're a compulsive donkey sodomist...
That's right, doc. Although, if it's been a while, just about anything will do. In fact...
Ow! Hey! Get off of me!
Ack! No! Dammit, I'm not a donkey!
*moan* Ow, my ass....
Hm. I'd better go get rid of the patients in the other waiting rooms before he gets up...

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