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by crunchyfish
I bought a VGA box for my Dreamcast tonight. It's great, I can play all my games on my computer monitor now with really high resolution and stuff.
Yeah, I wanted the Performance one, because it has a pass-through slot, but I couldn't find it, so I bought the Naki one. It's still good, but I have to switch the wires.
Do you still have the receipt for your genitals?

by crunchyfish
I think you've got a drug problem, Rebecca.
Look who's talking.
Man, I'd kill to be on Cheers.
I'll keep my eye on you.
Why's everyone "wigging" out?
You don't need the quotation marks. All these "jokes" are "horrible".

by crunchyfish
How'd the case go? Did you nail the *******?
Well, no. I'm sorry.
But that creep even left that letter in my mailbox. He's been stalking me for months.
Yes, but the defense had a good case.
What do you mean? That letter was full of threats to my well-being!
Yes, but the jury was VERY sympathetic to the fact that he dotted all the i's with smiley faces.

by crunchyfish
I've been thinking about that strip I did about my roommate.
I mean, it was a big mistake... I don't know what came over me...
I would never intentionally use the word "*******" twice in one strip. What kind of repetetive ******* do you take me for?

by crunchyfish
Hi, roommate.
Hi! I'm your roommate! I'm a selfish, irrational *******. Let me ruin your fun!
Well, I'm sure we can talk thi-
I killed your dog and ****d your mother! Oh, and I **** in your underwear drawer!
Well, we all have our quirks...
Yes, we do! My quirk is being a huge ****ing *******!

by crunchyfish
I made dinner and cleaned the house while you were gone.
I also called your mother to thank her for the card.
Oh, and I'm selling my car and taking on a second job so you can pursue your dreams of being a writer.

by crunchyfish
So, you or the egg?
Whaddya mean?
Which came first?
Unoriginal ****.

by crunchyfish
Funny thing happened this morning.
Oh yeah?

by crunchyfish
Hi Christopher Robin!
Hi Eeyore!
Sure is a nice day!
Screw this. You wanna go score some coke?
You're a mindreader, Neil.

by crunchyfish
There's nuthin' like the freedom of ridin' the open rage.
Drivin' cattle, singin' songs, sleepin' under the stars... This is LIFE!
I'm gonna die alone.

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