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by crunchyfish
Hi little girl!
Hi Eric Emu!
Are you ready to have fun LEARNING?
Yes! Hoo-ray for Educational Emu!
Okay! Go fill up the enema bag!
Okay! Right after I call the police, that is...

by crunchyfish
*kill* *destroy* *maim* *kill* *kill* *pillage* *wrath* *devestation*?
*death* *penance* *souls* *misery* *pain*
*kill*... *destroy* *slaughter* *terrorize*!
*savage* *doom* *misery* *kill* *death*...
*burn* *gouge* *rip* *kill* *kill* *death* *kill*?
*kill* *kill* Pie?

by crunchyfish
I accidentally
ran over a frog
the other night.

by crunchyfish
Look! Jesus in a space ship! This strip is gonna be HILARIOUS!
A nail in my head! Why do I have a nail in my head? Oh, the pain! Zany!
I'm the devil, and I'm talking to a robot!
I'm incapable of emotion! Laugh!
Still on that cross! Woohoo!
I look strange! Stop, my stomach hurts!

by crunchyfish
Spare change?
Spare a dollar?
Get a job, round eyes.
This "Honor System" **** better work, or I'm gonna end up like that guy.
Don't knock vagrancy. It's a wonderful life.

by crunchyfish
Fucking gimmick strip.

by crunchyfish
All I need now is a lid.
But it's not REALLY a house.
Close enough.
But you KNOW people are just going to spit and **** in there while you're sleeping.
Yeah, but dude, I deserve it. I mean, c'mon, I'm homeless.
You're right. We ARE pretty worthless.

by crunchyfish
"hello dog."
"bark! hello fatty."
"i will eat you in a sandwich."
"you fat *****."

by crunchyfish

by crunchyfish
Hi, little girl.
I have a kitty!
I'm Gorath, the Eater of Souls.
My kitty's name is Mr. Whiskers!
Fuck off.

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