For some reason when I started here I wanted all my comics to be under the same title and most times feature Jesus as the "host". The idea didn't last long, though I don't think it's necessarilly a bad one. It maybe was too strict a format(which I didn't stick to), and I should've maybe kept it going while doing other comics instead of just imploding it in the brilliant "CRAPSHOOT THEATRE #;af;jdsdsfjd;jds-16-;ljdsfl;" when I got frustrated with it.

by theReverend
...and we're back! Welcome to Crapshoot Theatre. You like that? I just made it up! Now we join our story already in progress...
I thought we had an agreement and then you come out with this? Repeat after me: I AM ASIAN AND FROM ASIA
I told you when we met that I'm Mexican, but you didn't listen, as usual. This relationship is making my brain bleed... You can pack your ****ing bags tonight, damn you!
...hahaha! Those girls! Didn't I tell you *****es I love all my children? Haha...well, that's another edition of Crapshoot Theatre! Peace out!

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