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Goddammit! I must have hit the random comic layout button a thousand times, but that Ben character reaching into the next panel never showed up!
And, I so wanted to enter tripod's comic contest! FUCK!!!
What are you doing, Ben?
Watching Phreaky masturbate her vagina with edoggydog's face!

Suck my finger, Bossie...
Nah, I'll pass.
Because, I know that this always leads to me sucking your ****!
Do you want me to play with your teaties first?
Just when I thought this comic couldn't get any weirder!

Ted..? Whya are you here at my home?
Bill, I came here to tell you in person to tell you you're fi... ZZZZZZ- you're fi... ZZZZZZZZ-you're...
Are you saying I'm fine? Thanks, but you could have waited until I arrived at the dealership.

Did you just lick the crime scene?
Did you just lick the crime scene?
Did you just lick the crime scene?

by crabby
Bro! I haven't seen you since the 8th grade luncheon back in 98! Holy **** how have you been?
Bro! It's been too long. I'm just hanging in there. Being a dad. Working. Living life. Nothing too exciting, how about you?
Just working. No kids. Wanna go grab some IPAs?
Sorry bro. Can't today. It's before noon and I'm just picking up some quinoa for my wife. More of a Coors Light kinda guy myself.
Coors Light? What are you some sort of Jonas Brother?
I am Kevin Jonas.

There's nothing like a fresh cup of my World's Famous coffee in the early morn...
Now, only if my arms were long enough to reach my mouth so I can ****ing drink said cup of coffee. In the early morn.

Don't tell me...
Still stuck on 110!

Meanwhile, back at Blindman's secret lair... Which is not really a secret, because it's just a normal house in a busy neighborhood But, Blindman doesn't know that because, well, he's blind.
Are you ready to fight crime today, Monk Boy?
Yes, Blindman!
Did you hear me, Monk Boy? Fight? Crime? TODAY?? SAY SOMETHING!!

Hey, Ted... Your standing in the middle of a busy highway and you're fast asleep.
You hear me, Ted? Middle of a busy highwy? Fast Asleep? Could be dangerous? WAKE THE FUCK UP!!!!
ZZZZZZZ-**snort* What the..? Why did you wake me, Lizzy? I was in the middle of a great ****ing dream!
The one where you're have sex with Gal Gadot and a young Salma Hayek?
Yeah, but this time we're ****ing while filming one of those funny GEICO commercials!

Hey, Stickboy... Where do you want me to put this window?
Stickboy! Window! Where do you want it! Getting heavy! STICKBOY!!

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