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Dammit, I can't get past the super-goblin!
A2 up, then B1 left, moron!
You're an ofice plant... What do you know?
Okay, A2 up, then B1 left and... Wait. WTF?? The screen went blue! AAAAAAAAAAA!!!
That'll teach for listening to an office plant! MORON!!

by Ranger77
I'm sorry dude...what?
I said y'all is going about this all wrong. FIGHT them *****es. Get yourself a gun, one of these here flags and protest at the STATE CAPITOL!
That's not, like, my thing.
Do you know how many horny, bored middle aged PATRIOTIC women show up to these things?
Like, "Susans!?!"
Hell yeah...and they love God, the Constitution, FREAKY sex and Fireball! Not necessarily in that order...

by Ranger77
Y'know that wasn't funny even back in 2007...
Your problem is that you-HOO have always thought the legal protections set up to protect the common man are subject to ridicule.
Have you read the last few comics in this arc?
"Mine is not to question why, mine is to do and LIE." That's copyrighted, by the way. You can use that quote and others for $10 a month. I take Paypal...

by Ranger77
And now....he wants to sue. Typical Ranger's World contrived plot bull****.
I mean seriously: Chuck thinks we are discriminating against him because he's been having sex and hanging out with random amateur foot fetish models on Only Fans during quarantine.
It's just social distancing. And, bro that **** is just weird. And who the hell would represent Chuck of all people in some shady, flimsy, meritless lawsuit....

by Ranger77
As your legal representatives we've been interviewing the women you have been with and gathering statements about your character for the lawsuit.
"He can sing a Whitesnake ballad like no other." says one. Another wants to know when you'll be back to get your AXE body scrubber.
I keep 'em guessing. Like, heh.
I don't get this one: "The avocado! My God what that man can do with an avocado!"
Fuckin' Janet... can, like, leave that one out.

by Ranger77
I mean...what do they see in him?
They fit a profile. All over 35. Doing foot fetish on Only Fans for extra income. Lonely, dreaming about bad boys from high school. Chuck swoops in and ....bang.
So he's banging a bunch of "Susans," then.
And "Karens." And "Cindys." And those with the middle name "Marie." Quite fascinating actually.

by Ranger77
This is crazy. Chuck? Really? All these women are violating quarantine to have sex with Chuck?!
He considers this the best time of his life...aside from that period he was messing around with your ex-porn star mom in his Suburu behind that Denny's regularly years ago.
Too soon?
Yeah. Too soon.

by Ranger77
Chuck video calls his lawyer on Zoom. Who knew he had one? (A lawyer and a Zoom account)
You heard me. I want to SUE Ranger's World for violating MY Constitutional rights.
So you are saying you are being discriminated against because you've been hooking up with lonely OnlyFans creators.
Well Exotic Dancers too. But my OnlyFans girls are not typical online hotties. They are just making a quick buck talking sexy and showing their feet.
Umm...ok. This might take some time. I need to get their names if they are a party to this lawsuit.
Dude. That's easy. Karen. They all are named KAREN. I think...
That helps...

by Ranger77
Chuck, you have to look at it from our point of view. You've taken advantage of this crisis to recklessly hook up with lonely single Only Fans producers and strippers.
Violating quarantine as well, I might add.
You and our Governor are, like violating my Constitutional rights to life, liberty and PUSSY! What is it about these American values are you guys not understanding?!?

by Ranger77
Really, dude. really.
This has nothing to do with social distancing. I've seen the OnlyFans girls you've been ****ing lately. Bro. Sheesh.

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