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I don't see it, pappy...
I know I left your pickup truck in this exact spot!
Did you drive my truck before or after your whiskey bender?
Before the whiskey bender, after the ****-fest with Bossie the Cow!
Dodn't tell me you tossed her the keys when you were done.
Had to... Said she had a hot date with Makin_d_Ragu's pig!

Thank you for showing me around your Indian reseservation, Two Dogs Fucking...
I'm sorry I desecrated the sacred traditions of your peoples when I urinated on your tribe's ances-tral totem pole!
By the way, how long do I have to be buried up to my waist in the middle of this buffalo roaming field?

Well, we've done it!
Why do you say "groovy"?
Because, "super delicious" sounds too gay!
I never knew one could be too gay.
Have you never been to atomic-lunch's house?

One more and we dominate!
Like your mother?
More like my sister!
I was hoping you'd say your brother!
Ha, ha... NEXT!!

Down the hall, first door on the right.
Thanks... I gotta pee something fierce!
Oh, then that's the second door on the right.
What's in the first door?
Masturbating hamsters!

We only have four more comics for the S.F.P.D.!
We better hurry up or this whole venture could blow up in our faces!
And, look like a couple of clowns!
Does this mean the wedding's off?

Are you sure we're all alone out here?
Yes... We're twenty-three miles from the nearest town!
So, you're saying it's safe to ****?
IT may be safe, but YOU are a different story!

So, how long you been a "madame", madame?
30 years.
How long you been a nig-

Well, I certainly didn't put it up!
Can I eat it?

Captain Obvious?
How are you able to walk on water?
Helium-filled superhero boots!

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