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by Spankling
Startling conclusive evidence was found today as to why Spankling keeps his hand down your pants.
That's right Missy News Face! It's so he can find his tiny crank! I should know!
Please don't laugh...
You're just lucky I'm not a sloppy, enormo cow like Missy News Face! Well.. treat me right and no one will ever know.
Stop calling me that! By the way, didn't you used to be a redhead?
It's a wig, but how did you know? Have you seen me with my pants off, too?

by Spankling
What is blonde, giggly and deadly with a light saber?
I give up. What is blonde, giggly and deadly with a light saber?
Goldie Hawn Canobie
Ha ha ha ha ha!
Wait. I don't get it.

by Spankling
5’ 11” tall, 38(DD)-28-38, and 140 pounds (on a good day). 1992 Playmate of the Year. Statuesque.
Saved from a life of deep frying through her own determination, spirit and colossal rack.
A pretender to the legacy of Marilyn Monroe.
A sister, facing the same **** as the rest of us.
Beauty, ****, stripper, seductress, celebrity, wife, widow, millionaire, mother, tragedy.
I fire a 21 jerk solute, in your honor. [SPLORT]

by Spankling
Spanks, I hate to tell you this, but you've been put in charge.
Me? In charge? I can tell you what to do? Lay down the law?
That's about the size of it, sport. It looks like you're on top for a change.
Then, I command you to turn around!
Yes sir. I... OOOP! Warm up your lips first next time!
[grovel][snort] I've got her right where I want her!

by Spankling
We have a liberal sexual harassment policy and dress code here. We work hard and play hard.
But try not to be an ass-pipe, if you don't mind.
Don't be afraid to experiment. I myself have turned out a few less-than-funny comics.
Enough of the tour. send them on to the physical. I've got bugs to fix.
Just leave your urin sample vial in my cleavage and we'll contact you in 3 to 5 days.

by Spankling
"Corpse Bride"
I thought you would never ask! Anything special?
If you'll sit in an ice bath for ten minutes first I promise I'll do that thing with my tongue up your butt for as long as you like.
Oh well, it's better than when he wants me to go "Vroom Vroom" after watching Cars.

by Spankling
The White House is considering an expansion of the U.S. Army and Marines for "the long struggle against radicals and extremists," President Bush said.
Bush would not elaborate on where that struggle would take place, only that he wanted to ensure that the U.S. military "stays in the fight for a long period of time."
Is it getting drafty in here?

by Spankling
under age drinking? Tara, this is a grave infraction of the...
Stow it, Donald.
We both know you've wanted to ride my melons ever since I won this crown. Well, now's your chance.
You know, Tara, I've always been a great believer in second chances.
Sorry. One facial is all you're giving me. Unless I screw up again...

You think he bounces around on those pathetic little legs because his egg fell? Guess again, fool! It is because I TELL him to! Dance for me, my pet!
by Spankling, 12-14-06

by Spankling
Hello all you bottoms out there in TV land! It’s Mistress Mary Xmas, again. Join the Groveling Gospel Choir in singing some of our old favorites:
May I say something?
Chester’s nuts roasting on an open fire / I’m Screaming on a Wild Xmas / You Better Watch Out, Slave / All I want for Xmas (is a Big Butt Plug) / Oh Horny Night
Shut up and listen to the announcer, slave.
Yes Mistress.
But first, this reading of a timeless classic. Begin, slave!
Whose ass is this? I think I know / Her heal is on my scrotum, though / I dare not gaze upon her face and see / For fear that she will punish me

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