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by tweedbucket
Bob Bobblington is pretty upset over his brother getting accidently sawed in half
Ok man, put em up! You killed my brother, now I'm going to kill you.
I didn't have nuttin ta do wit it Jack, put down the gun or I'll...
Bob is getting reeeeeallly upset and his trigger finger is getting reallly itchy
Oh yeahhh You'll do WHAT??? You and WHAT ARMYY????
Well, you shoot me and then I can't give your brother his pain medication. You wouldn't want that, now would youuu??
Bob decides to let the Doc try and save his brother but after 6 hours, it's not looking any better...
Look doc... DOC!! what is going on here?? I'm going to call the cops in a minute!
Yeah, well call the cops, call the FBI, I'm a doctor and he wasn't taking his meds. Nothing else we could do.
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