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by tweedbucket
Dr. Robert is old school but trying to find info on this new interweb thing for his future book on the answers from anything to everything!
Excuse me sir, can you tell me how to get to this interweb thing? it's in cyberspace and I've heard it's some magical place out there!
Whad you call me?
Dr. Robert was part of the original 'wheel' project but feels he is on to something here ...
Sir! I am lost, I just got off a sinking Viking ship in from Outer Mongolia and discovered that this new information can save lives!
Look man, are you following me? I don't talk to creeps, I'm gonna call the Fuzz on you.
Dr. Robert did everything he can but fails once again...
Ok, ok, can you at least tell me about something called WebCrawler? That is the key to the fountain of the knowledge of truth.
Like Do0d! Get outta my house! I'm callin my Mom!!
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