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Welcome to "Stolen Art Comics", some comics created using the hard work and creative effort of other catoonists. The ideas are all mine. The graphics are all theirs. Please don't sue me; I have very little money.
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by twofish
twofish meets Butch.
'sup, Butch.
Man, go away. You're a cantankerous old geezer who's too sardonic for their own good - or anyone else's. You bring me down, man.
Gee, thanks. I always liked the higher levels of cerebrealism *you* eschew as well, you underachieving ne'er-do-well.
Me? A likely canidate as poster child for educative reformation? Hmm, let me think... no, it's not worse than being a curmudgeon hell-bent on self-emasculation, so I'll take it.
Self-emasculation?! Are you insinuating that my inner turmoil renders my ego as tattered banners of id and self-image, reflective of my percieved surroundings?
No, I'm saying if you continue to **** me off, you're going to end up wondering why you did.
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