pm : info That's really all you need to know. Well, besides the following: As some of you readers may recognize, some of my material is simply transcripted chat from #tmbg on EFnet. In fact, quite a bit of it is. I take no credit for these, except for the fact that I've put them into comic form. Sort of. Any comic with the character of Lipid in it is most definitely quoted from #tmbg. I deserve to be flamed for using this material to get cheap laughs, but what the hell. It wasn't doing anything just sitting around in .txt format, was it?
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by vebelfetzer
...come to my attention(and all things do, hey, I'm God and all) that lately you have all been just...well...not very nice. First you all were so cruel to that nice Christian college boy Papa Dan42...
I wonder when MoC's next show is...
...blah blah blah blah WEPT blah blah blah blah FOR SHAME blah blah etc. Now go out there and LOVE!
...does this guy ever stop bitching? He reminds me of that damn pirate queen girl. Shit, looks like he's wrapping up. I should probably say something.
You got that cross at the Metro, didn't you?
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