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I drink alot of coffee and don't have many friends. R U M OR F???????????
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by vegicide
the english will always have one up on us just because of the whole "documentary autocratic dictatorship"
...and as we all know, "coco" comes from the "coconut" which is sometimes grown in the same kinds of places that one would grow asparagus ...
which brings me to my next point donald! what is all fuss about asparagus? i mean what's "the deal"?
Danny Devito!
the deal is that through an intricate mis-connection of poor planing, pysco-insomnia, over-caffienation, miscommunication, a highbandwidth internet connection and general laziness......
i do almost no actual work, have little or no real responsibility or "schedule", come and go from the office as i see fit, miss entire weeks in an alcohol & drug induced haze & still get a fat cheque
who let the cats in?
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