Bat Update

Help figuring out what's trendy so you can always stay one step ahead of your friends!

by willowrhee
Zombies are so trendy! I can't let anyone know I ever liked them! It used to be about the brains and the gore. Now it's all about the money.
Brains. Brains.
And don't get me started on pirates. Some sorority girl at a party told me once that "Pirates are SOOO out." I haven't said "Arr" since. They used to be about the peg legs and rum.
I still like rum.
And Penguins. Before "March of the Penguins," it was all about the waddling. Now it's so Hollywood. So trendy!
I don't speak bat; what is this guy saying? Oh well, bats are SO out, anyway.

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Bat Update

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