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by speshal
Yeah, Jay, like I *cough* *cough* said, I'm feeling sick and will have to work from home today.
Well ... okay, i understand you're sick. I'll let the rest of the team know. I guess I'll have to give Brandon all your bugs.
James is sick again? We'll have to see about that
Yes, $7.50/hr is our standard rate, but for every 200 bugs you find, you get a $10 bug bonus, and we will give you plenty of stock options.
Sounds good Tony. You promise I don't have to actually fix anything right? Just point out other people's problems?
Where do i sign!

by jamesie
woooooooooah! this guy seems on the level !
...and the future of your ancestors... you MUST return to the park immediately... the time-flux capacitor is destabilising... aaahhh!
i better get back to the park! ...and FAST!
meanwhile, back at the park...
so jamie, just remember - luke thinks he's dead, i brought him "Back from the Future" to have him kill Mrs Reagan...the rest isn't important for now...
ok, so long as i get the 24 years of ultimate power and all that...the whole jesus thing never worked for me anyway...

by jamesie
...a priest appears out of thin air!
wow! he just appeared out of thin air...maybe it's a flashback from the weed?
luke, if you can see me, my time-projector has been successfull...and you must pay close attention to what i have to tell you!
the apparition continued to speak...
woah, this is wild!
my name is Father Joe, i exist in what you would perceive to be 2085... where peace and love reign supreme...'s very important that you don't go into the whitehouse're own future depends upon it...

by jamesie
and so, 'round back...
hey mr officer, i got lost...i was touring the whitehouse with my school and...uh...i got lost or whatever...
hmm...there is a boy missing from tour group 47... ok, just head in through the entrance behind me and take the first left
luke enter the main gate and begins crossing the whitehouse lawn...

by jamesie
HOURS pass by...and luke comes back to earth...
woah! that was a pretty wild's given me a few new ideas about life and stuff...
all that crap that Mrs Reagan said about drugs, she stopped me from living a life of self-exploration...all that crap about drugs being bad and
well, i'm not gonna let it happen again, this time around i'm gonna make her tell the truth... the kids are gonna be told the reality, the joys, of drug abuse!

by jamesie
but, 20 mins later, in the park...
yo luke, this weed kicks ass! i totally knew you'd dig it!
yeah man, you were right jamie...i feel really, like everything is so clear to me now...
...time passes
dude, i gotta run, i gotta check in with my paroll officer. catch ya later...i've got some crack i want you to's real good stuff...
uh...yeah...ok man...
...a lot more time passes

by jamesie
it's not long before luke gets chatting with one of the other street kids...
hey man, what's your name? my name's jamie.
yo dude, my name's luke, but my friends call me coolhand. you seem like a cool buddy - you can call me coolhand!
wow, that's a great handle. you wanna go smoke some weed?
huh? you mean mow the lawn for a elderly or housebound neighbour?
no coolhand. don't be a tool. i'm talking about MARIJUANA, dude!
oh drugs...uh, i don't do drugs jamie, drugs are bad.

by jamesie
the demon pulls luke into a swirly blue thing...
we're going back...back to 1985 !
woah, cool dude - that's totally "Back to the Future" - like before i was even in the know i was in the navy, right?
now i will leave you here, to suffer the horrors of puberty and adolescence all over again!
have fun MCNEUR...hahaha!
what a lame-o! like, being a kid in the USA totally rocks! if this is hell i dunno what all those religious types are so jacked up about!

by jamesie
10-16-02, i guess then... accepting there's no afterlife...
...i've basically become... athiest...
...which makes the pledge of allegiance a bit tricky...
...i guess i could apply for citizenship in canada...

by jamesie
luke arrives in hell
man, i can't believe i died wearing a santa i'm gonna be dressed like santa claus for all of eternity
HO HO HO McNeur...
hey dude, whassup?
we're going on a little journey, you and i, into the past...

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