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This yo gurl Ebony and T'yershia on the compaline holla at them boyz has ever dont hate cuz yall cant get them epecially them retarded and disrespect ugly (females) as i can say. About Me: 5'5 dark-skinned Average of thick have a haircut style stay fitted make my own money(guaranted) have $$$ cakin on da phone hangin with friends chillin at home goin to partys with sis LaQuesha and Darshell Shootouts : QuaQua(that a dancing machine) India(my gooney that talk alot of **** in yo face hit her up at Sexy_Gemini) Issac(Get at 4s Level hit him up ay hollywood_homie) Larry(dis ***** 4s Riders but u play 2 much wit yo ugly a_zz ) Khari(4s ***** get at him K_H_A_R_I ) Javon(u ugly ***** ) moses(a dancing a machine for lyfe but he reppiin 4s ways as treyz ppaysss khadijah(cant dance but cool) martez(keep it gangster) cece(my cousin) ambria(my BFF hit her up babygurlda1uwant) dabritta(dumb and retared) justin(u ugly
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What repp gang will win in any kind of fight , 4s or treyz ??? Thanks
Well, ill say foes because i live on the foes so next time you ask me question may sure you make it clear about the foes cause we're running every block . Plus look behind you shot them up in pieces.
by xXDaSexiestXx, 7-10-07
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