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by evil_d
It's true what you've heard. My species has been responsible for many advances in human culture.
So aliens really were involved in the founding of Rome! And the building of the pyramids!
Yes and yes.
And the UFO crash at Roswell!
No, actually that was Aztecs with time machines.

by umfumdisi
I feel bad that you had to die.
Do not feel sorry for me, my child.
I was talking to your fashion sense.
But I haven't been able to use my hands for 2000 years.
Excuses, excuses.

by umfumdisi
I have to pee really bad!
You can't do that here. This is a factory.
Do you have a restroom?
Of course, it's right next to the cafeteria. Just go...
Thanks. Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh, yes.
Damn, he got me.

by umfumdisi
Dad, I have to pee.
Go ahead...
Ah, that's the good stuff!
the bathroom's in there.

by umfumdisi
Then I said to my roommate, "Mum, quit telling me how to live my life!"
Oh dear.
That's one, mate.

by umfumdisi
He was lookin' for a soul to steal...
With that pointy tail, you already stole my heart.
Close enough.
And that's how the devil saved 15% by switching to GAYCO.
Maybe I should switch...

by umfumdisi
Off to cheer practice, Da. Thanks for watchin ma baby.
2, 4, 6, 8! Why'd you have to copulate?
Wha ever, you have NO cheer skills. Bah now.
Why'd you have to procreate?
Why didn't I stay celi-bate?

by umfumdisi
First Starbucks opens in France
These French sure know how to dig a trench!
And how to blend a dark roast!
First Starbucks opens in Las Vegas
The only thing hotter than the weather is this cup of coffee!
The only thing looser than Caesar's Palace slots is your mom!
First Starbucks opens at The Vatican
The only thing tastier than this cup of coffee is...
a gay cardinal orgy?

I can't believe you slept with that floozy from down the street, Karl! I'm leaving you!
I'm sorry, baby! But my principles dictate that I must give my love to each woman according to her need!
by evil_d, 7-08-17

by evil_d
Andrew, I've sent you a batch of employee performance reviews. I want you to go through and weed out the lazy ones.
Haha, nobody says "weed out" Mr. Davis, you mean you want me to smoke them up.
I'm not asking you to give them marijuana, you nitwit. I'm asking you to sort them out so we can get rid of them!
So wait... we're firing the lazy people?
Man... working for a company that makes pot holders has been so different from what I expected.

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