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by evil_d
I'm gonna kill you so hard the folks back in Philadelphia will scream!
I'm gonna kill you so hard there won't be anything left for the vultures!
I'm gonna kill you so hard your grandma will feel it!
I'm gonna kill you so hard your great-great-grandchildren will still be bitter about it!
It's about heritage, not hate!

by mandingo

by mandingo
from now on, Mother, i'd like to only be referred to as... AMBASSADOR TO THE STARS!
you've been having me call you that since July, dear.
ah! but before i was referring to celebrities. now i'm referring to the heavenly bodies.
she still hasn't climbed off her wrecking ball and answered your couple hundred voicemails has she, dear?
i have the full force of the galactic council at my disposal now, Mother. she will.

by ivytheplant
"Check out this German copy of The Land Before Time!"
Heil Hitler!
That's all the German I know.
Heil Hitler!

by evil_d
Morning, Bill. Heard you had a pretty wild weekend!
Got drunk, went to TJ, got a list of my favorite coworkers' names tattooed on my arm.
I don't see anything on your arm.
Damn right you don't. Peace out, sucka!

by evil_d
Man, I haven't had sex in twenty-three years.
Uh... how old are you?
So you're a virgin. Just say you're a virgin.
I'm trying to open up to you about my childhood sexual abuse, dude.

by ivytheplant
I'm afraid I'm going to need to see some ID.
I left it in my other pants. At your mom's house.
I was ****ing your mom, is what I'm trying to say.
I believe she enjoyed herself immensely.

by ivytheplant
Look, just let me do all the talking.
If anyone asks you directly, just say you have a concussion and things are fuzzy.
I swear, Bernie, this is the last time I bathe your grandfather.

by ivytheplant
You're a psychologist? Since when?
Since I finished my Master's last year.
I thought you hated that psychology stuff.
I did until I realized how entertaining it's gonna be diagnosing my relatives at the next family reunion.
They're not going to invite you back.

by ivytheplant
Holy **** you're here! Where the **** have you been this whole time?
The game, right, but where have you been.
No, I said where have you been?

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