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by evil_d
I'm concerned about your oral health. You should really consider dentures.
Don't give me none a' that.
If you was supposed to have more than two of 'em, they'd call it a threeth.

by evil_d
♪ Ocean crime, yeah the pickin's easy / We sailed the Purple Ostrich up to N.Y.C. / All the lubbers on the coast will agree that we're ♫
♪ Well qualified to pillage, plunder, ****, and steal / See, we be buccaneers / Rum in the kegs, and the bones of our dead lie underwater ♫
♪ Weebles, I opened up the chest and there's Weebles / Most definitely. ♫
♪ Weebles, a hundred ten thousand damn Weebles / Just count 'em and see. ♫
♪ This treasure... is getting odder... / Gonna kidnap the... governor's daughter... ♫
♪ Me and my mates / We're comin' aboard yer ship (x4) / (refrain)

by evil_d
♪ Summer time, and I'm with me hearties / We sailed the Purple Ostrich out of New Orleans / All the lubbers in the Gulf will agree that we're ♫
♪ Well qualified to pillage, plunder, ****, and steal / See, we be privateers / We drink rum on the islands, and dance with the wenches, hit the water ♫
♪ Me and my mates, we're comin' aboard yer ship / Got scurvy so bad, but we're takin' yer **** ♫
♪ Can't keep us in the penitentiary / We raise cannon at the walls and when the dust clears, we be back at sea / (refrain)
♪ Some gold doubloons be a mighty prize / The Jolly Roger terrifies! ♫
♪ Oh what're we gonna do wi' a drunken mate, but send 'im up ta the nest / Until he spies a treasure chest ♫

by evil_d
Dear Diary, today I stood in front of the mirror and practiced asking that girl at the coffee shop for a date.
The mirror rejected me every time.

by crabby
You don't love me. Do you ice statue man? You don't care at all. You aren't even real.
Fuck you ice statue man. I'm going to drill a hole where your ice anus should be and **** you like the ***** you are, ****. I'm going to just **** you and cum in your ice cavities until you melt away.

by crabby
I've spent all day carving this ice statue of my ideal man. He's rough and rugged, but also aloof. He cares about family, but he has his own thoughts.
Most importantly. He loves me and I love him. Tell me you love me ice statue man. Tell me what I need to hear...

by mandingo
so i went to the Dalai Lama and got in touch with my soul, but it's always texting
i sent it a friend request on facebook but it hasn't responded back yet
i think it might have slept with my girlfriend.

by mandingo
i think we should rename Wednesday, "Friendsday," Reg. the world needs more of that.
just good friends hanging out, enjoying each other's company, you know? doing what friends do.
and you know what friends don't do, Reg? bend each other over the FUCKING SALOON DOORS. AND RAPE THEM. IN THE ASS.
Jesus, FINE! i'll be Luigi!

by evil_d
Hugs not drugs!
...are the leading cause of affection-related injuries worldwide. 70 million ribs are crushed every year.
So remember, kids, if you want to feel good, use drugs. It's just safer.

by mandingo
what's wrong?
oh ****. i think i addressed those letters to the wrong people
Dear Penthouse, We've had a great 7 years but I think it's time to move on. I wish you nothing but love. All the best in the world, Carol
Dear John, I never thought this would happen to me! I ****ed my husband's brother! A LOT. He's hung like a FUCKING OX. I can't believe they're from the same litter!! It started with anal...

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