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by LuckyGuess
i wonder if any of those old in-jokes are still running
no one will remember you

by LuckyGuess
i sure made a lot of comics about girls
all married
some about you
also married
didn't you used to crash your car into trees? like, often?
more like THEY crashed into MY DICK

by LuckyGuess
it's been five years. are you still sad and poor and unfunny
life turned out okay, actually. i'm pretty successful. make the news once or twice a year. what about you?
we haven't talked in half a decade. all the characters from these comics are gone now
oh this is gonna be sad now isn't it

by LuckyGuess
oh hey
been a while i guess
we've been through a lot, haven't we? so many years. so many kind-of-racist-jokes-but-also-i-was-15-so-those-don't-count
and that's what's important. none of the racist jokes count
racism doesn't count

You're in the wrong place.
Over -- not onto, genius.
by umfumdisi, 5-14-17

by umfumdisi
Sir, I've been assigned to you by the State to aid in your rehabilitation so you can return to the outside world.
See this area here between my fingers, missy?
Yes, sir.
That's how many ****s I give about this bull****.

by umfumdisi
Ok kiddos, I'm Mr. Dalrymple. I have a letter here stating that Mr. Parkins will no longer be teaching this class after running away to Mexico with one of your classmates.
Lucky bast- Anyway, last week I was a lowly sandwich artist. What? No, I didn't work at Subway. I drew sketches of people's lunches in the park for spare change.
English was never my best subject, but with budget cuts and all...I'm basically the only guy who would agree to finish up the year for the school's lowball offer.
I understand you were reading The Catcher in the Rye, a classic novel which I never actually finished. Still, if you have any questions, go ahead.
45 minutes later...
Can someone please tell me where Mexico is and loan me the amount necessary to get there?

by mandingo
yeah, of course i've heard of our lord and savior Jesus Christ.
dude, he's eating me out of house and home, can't turn water into wine, and keeps hitting on my 15 year old daughter. you know how long i've been working on that ****? good luck, he's yours.
oh, BADASS, a black family! break out the dabs, mah nizzle!

by mandingo
tough loss today, coach. first that field goal is wide left, then you get stopped 4th and inches, then ****d by that mascot for a good hour, then that costly offsides
you. all. just. watched. who? just? watches? WHO?! JUST?! WATCHES?!
well, he was clearly offsides.
i'm standing... like this... so it runs... down my leg... into my shoe... and then i'll BURN... my shoe... and BURY.. my shoe... and FORGET.
sooner than you'll forget that missed field goal no doubt!

by evil_d
Hello, can I help you?
yeah i gotta appointment for the 22th
Um... today's only the 19th.
yeah thats right i gotta appointment for the 19th for 22th
I'm not understanding. Are you saying you have a 19th appointment and a 22nd appointment?
i think yer dentist is gonna need longer'n twenty second to look at my twenty tooth

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