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by evil_d
Vote for me for Candy Shop Customer!
Ho ho! You're adorable.
But you don't need to be elected to be a candy shop customer. As long as you have money, you can go right in and buy what you want.
I found out today that you're a ****ing liar.

by crabby
Excuse me, excuse me ma'am!
I'm a young boy.
Ma'am, have you ever felt like where you're going is exactly where you want, but at the same time you wonder if it's really what your soul needs or if you're doing it just because it's logically next?
I am mean, what if I opened my own antique store tomorrow? I could sell souls in jars. Would you buy a soul ma'am? Can I interest you in a soul?

by crabby
I don't know, man. You told me these were quality drugs. It's been 45 minutes. I don't feel a thing.
It's been 2 hours and I never even came into the house with you. I had to go see my Aunt give birth to her 5th child.
It has been 2 hours. I came into this room specifically to check my collection of Judy Blume books to check that quote on that thing... But what was that thing?
You think just because I have pants I have all the answers?
This is not where I want to be, but how can being be not what I am? I'm not in 25 different places I'm here, but what if here has 32 meanings?

by evil_d
Now, once you're on Mars you'll need to establish an interim government until you can elect your own governor, congresspeople, and so forth. Under the Constitution—
Yeah, you may want to call Betsy Ross back and tell her not to sew that 51st star just yet.
What do you mean? This is a NASA mission, and obviously you're going to need—
Surely the US knows better than anyone the folly of trying to govern a colony in a remote location. I figure we'll skip the revolution and just govern ourselves from the start.
Well if that's the way you feel then you're off the mission. The position of captain will fall to your second-in-command. Mister... Han****?
John Han**** the Tenth, sir. Where do I sign?

by evil_d
Here I am, the first human to walk on Mars. That's one small step for... H.G. Wells?! What are you doing here?
The Martians were so impressed by my flattering portrayal of their civilization, they invited me to live here as an honored guest!
Okay... but... you've got to be almost 200 years old by now! How are you still alive?
The wonders of Martian medicine, my boy!
Does that mean anal probes?
So many anal probes.

by evil_d
Good to see you again, Gabe! What have you been up to these past few years?
Sodomizing llamas. And you?
The same! Hey, you ever think of sodomizing something else, like, I don't know, a donkey?
Don't be ridiculous! I've never sodomized a donkey and I never will.
Best 50 bucks I've ever spent. Thanks, man.
You said you'd give me your sister's number too.

by crabby
I was banned for awhile, then I was unbanned. Boinky33 can never say that. I got into fights with people and saw people go insane.
I found the kaenash kiddie porn site. What a weirdo he was. I remember another guy went crazy on me because I besmirched the good name of Steve Irwin.
I love you Stripcreator. I really do. I will always come back to you, but it will never be like it was. Good night, old friend. Sweet dreams.

by crabby
I would have never gotten my college degree if jes_lawson wasn;t around to do my homework in the chat room as often as he was. Those were magical times. So many people would be in the chat.
I had a lot of great chats with Choad, I would log on every night just for his words of wisdom.
And for him to call me manly. Fuck, I miss those chat room adventures. hdb!

by crabby
My favorite achievement here was winning Comic Cup 13. When I first started I was really given a lot of **** and written off as a troll. I used ALL CAPS and was just trying to have a good time.
Winning that Comic Cup was such a great achievement to me. I would often go back and re read through old Comic Cups and see how the politics held me down.
That win really meant a lot to me and it was an honor to host Comic Cup 14.

by crabby
I always preferred using this guy to represent myself. Stripcreator taught me the valuable internet lesson to never let too much of yourself online. Just enough. People will personally attack you.
I have personally attacked people on this site. Looking back it was childish and wrong. I especially regret the way I treated lil_kitty. It was childish and quite frankly, I am embarassed.
I read through the private message from that time and I'm especially embarassed of the way I treated lil_kitty. It was wrong. Kitty, I'm sorry.

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