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by ragu4u
Hi there! I'm Little Jackie Paper. You must be Puff the Magic Dragon! He's in the cave, actually.
Cough, cough...who the f...?
He's just inside, Jackie. Try not to breathe too much.

by ragu4u
Should I make a new "CC" or not. Nobody but me entered the last one.
"Feed me, Seymour"!
Stop calling me Seymour!
Then stop yer *****ing!
Close your eyes. I have to discipline this sassy machine.
NO! Not THAT. Don't pull the plug!

by ragu4u
Where were you?

by ragu4u
Hi! I'm Angus T. Jones.
From "Two & a Half Men"? Wow! Zat yer baby?
It's my ******* child born to one of the TV ****s I boinked on my filthy TV show. You should never watch it. It will corrupt your soul with it's depictions of sex and vile behaviors.
That evening....
Hey ma, what channel is "Two & a Half Men" on?

by ragu4u
I hate "Black Friday". It never should have been created.
Who dat?
People could be home doing much better things like...
You again?
...going to rallies & burning crosses.

by ragu4u
I'm sure we can reach some kind of compromise.
I have an idea.
You're the one who wanted an agreement hammered out.

by ragu4u
Look at all these yummy books & magazines!
Ah, ah, ah. There are millions of starving goats in China, youngster.
Aw go @#$% yourself!
One can't do THAT to ones self, can they?

by ragu4u
10 am
Oh my, a Toynbee Tile!
11 am
What do you think, Professor? Is it a real Toynbee Tile?
Sure is. It's gonna bring a fortune some day.
I tried to stop him but he just dug it up and took it.
What the hell is a Toynbee Tile?

by ragu4u
Ya know, I still dream of Jeannie!

by ragu4u
Man am I glad they transferred "Big Dick Daddy From Cincinatti" to another cell!
Move along there, Big Dick!
Oh, comes his replacement. I hope he's not gay! I know, I'll just make friendly small talk.
Howdy. I'm new here. I used to work in a candy warehouse but I got busted for stealing.
Oh really? Candy? I'm into candy too. Fudge-packing is my specialty, bro!

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