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bu-wai-hu-ahhh crap! Ok you evil psycho Doc I'm going to beat you to death with my oddly *******-shaped head...
Huh? Well as a matter of fact your head is kinda-Dahh! What am I doing? Guards! Destroy him!
crap, you know this probably wouldn't be so bad if I hadn't been completely tooled THEN lit on fire by something that WASNT a little girl cyborg...
Good work Juanita3.0! However, I have a feeling that wont be the last we see of that rabbit, I also have a feeling that I know that green haired girl with a heroin patch from somewhere...oh well...
Your powers of deduction amaze and arouse me Dr., according to my memory banks that girl in the background was one of your first patients BEFORE you formed your evil inter-continental empire...
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