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is never bored.

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Just think, jes... if you don't win, you would have put all that work into your series for NOTHING.

It was good, I liked it.

Mediocrity at its most average.

8-04-03 11:02am (new)
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Film critic subordinaire

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8-04-03 11:59am (new)
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Hungry like the wolf

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[Click to view comic: 'CC: 202 - old joke']

There's a fine line between visionary and wacko ~ greinhart

8-04-03 12:23pm (new)
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Comic Overlord

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[Click to view comic: 'CC 202: Seabiscuit']

"Oh, look, a joke! How original! Thank you, but if I wanted my emotions stimulated pleasurably, I'd get a *****." - Donald B. Jones III

8-05-03 9:31pm (new)
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Director of Cats

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Time for winners! Let me list some semifinalists ...

Rabid_Weasle, for I *Heart* 10 Second Memories
Kajun Firefly, for What Happens when God's Interrupted
codehappykid, for Cows
boinky33, for ROFL!
Inflatable_Man, for Uh Oh!!
Spankling, for Grandad's Big Night Out
Chi_The_Cynic, for My Life with Computers
umfumdisi, for Rock of Ages
jes_lawson for The Mirror

You all did great.

And now the four finalists, from which I'm still trying to pick the winner:

Rabid_Weasle: Certainly gets the effort award for this contest.
Kajun Firefly: Original and subtle.
Inflatable_Man: I just find that imagery funny.
jes_lawson: It reads even better backwards!

All of those were quite worthy. But when all is said and done, I think I have to give the big salami to:

[Click to view comic: 'CC 202: The Mirror (4) (4) rorriM ehT :202 CC']

and environs. Go hang it up, jes, I'm a lasagna hog!


8-06-03 9:19am (new)
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Passing through.

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Yeah Jes!

Peeing sitting down is the gift you give yourself.

8-06-03 10:09am (new)
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I'm with stupid ^

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8-06-03 11:04am (new)
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crazy knife lady

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These things are so unfair.

What others say about boorite!

8-06-03 11:55am (new)
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I don't know what I'm doing either

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Rock! A new Compic Cup to sign up for, a new Stripcreator CD swap, and now, a win in a Comic Competition. Looks like this summer is the summer of jes_ on Stripcreator. Thanks kaufman, it was a pleasure entering as always.

I have to admit to you all I got most of those palindromes from But it was my storyline. And Rob and Rab in the bar was my idea.

New Comic Competition will emerge kicking,screaming and making a strange robotic humming noise soon.

Until then:

[Click to view comic: 'Dogma in my hymn: I am God!']

Please replace the handset, and try again.

8-06-03 12:41pm (new)
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I'm with stupid ^

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You better make it good!

8-06-03 12:48pm (new)
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Director of Cats

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(halfway to 404)

Okay, people, the rules to this one are simple:

The last panel must be identical in all ways to the first one. Inbetween, something else has to happen. But the bottom line is, things come full circle.

You can contribute a series if you'd like -- given the nature of the medium, a short series will probably be most appropriate for this contest.

Avoid the totally obvious (Asian Girls swapping positions for a moment) and the technicalities (two black panels surround a single panel cartoon). Judging will be sometime Wednesday.


8-09-03 10:15pm (new)
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I hope I win.

Batman created by Bob Kane

8-09-03 11:31pm (new)
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Stripcreator » Comic Competitions » CC 202: Going Nowhere Fast

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