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Parental guidance recommended, not these comics mind, just in general, you know for babies and those formative years when children can't really look after themselves, or tie shoe laces, or ride a bike, or gamble on whether a hooker has an std or not.

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by TheGovernor
Everything is going to plan comrade, our troops are in place. We will have taken the capital very soon
Excellent, now I must go and issue our demands to the populace
You there!, Reporter, I wish to announce that my soldiers have taken your capital, tell your forces to lay down their arms and I will spare their lives. You must all swear allegiance to me! woo ha ha!
What the Reporter heard...
*Meow!*, *Meow*, *Meiw*, *Meow* *Meow*, *Meow* *Meow*, *Meow* *Meow Mew Meow, Meow Mew Mew!
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