This comic is inspired in large part by James Joyce, whose work I have never read, in particular Finnegan's Wake. Essentially, this will be a long and convoluted tale of seemingly ordinary events but twisted in an attempt to replicate the disconnected absurdity of dreaming. Each character has an interesting manner of speech and yet somehow they all understand one another. If you are confused then don't worry, so am I. I don't know if this is funny at all, but it often makes me laugh. Its journey to the sea began on the 8th October 2008.

by 0401040
Olaf and his mechanical children lay beneath the cold dark son of his crumbled empire. Ten cursed nails upon his head.
Vormand, his eyelids in urine! No, I hailed in his direction, that is not a systematic approach to the boat that sank.
Shit! Run!

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