Retronarcissus is an ongoing experiment in comic sci-fi, and attempts to establish a particular joke framework within which to experiment with both character and the conventions of the genre itself, avoiding the use of obvious and over-familiar pre-existing clich├ęs. Or, in a less wordy (and less accurate) description: It's a loving parody of Star Trek that hopefully does not rely too much on easy jokes. Oh, and it is very much a linear story told in an A to B fashion, perhaps more so than my previous strips. Although it does cut between several intertwining stories. Its jaw started flapping on January 22nd 2007, and was slammed shut on January 18th 2008.

by 0401040
Meanwhile, far above the Planet Earth.
So, yeah, I'm sorry I missed your call, but I was...
Captain, I'm over here. You don't have to keep talking to me on the communicator.
Listen, I'll have to call you back later.

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