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by 98Trova_Yuli03
That day it seemed like it would be like any other day, but it was there that I saw her again and this time I would not miss the opportunity, would I? Not! This time I would invite her to a date.
1.- HEY! Brenda, hello how are you? 2.- Yes I am, I just want to ask you a question. 3.- would you like to date with me?
1.- Hi ... alfonso, right? 2.- Yes, tell me. 3.- Oh.. sure, why not?
I still did not believe it! We were on our first date, she was right in front of me.
This is crazy, this feeling can not be real.
Maybe I've fallen in love, I do not think so, that's silly, is not it?
So I came to the conclusion that I was in love with her.
I guess I'm hooked
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