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influences (animation) -penny arcade, the simpsons, family guy, aqua teen hunger force, sealab 2021, invader zim, exploding dog, diesel sweeties, clerks: animated series, rainbow brite (things) -masturbation, robots, encryption, living dead dolls (music) -alec empire, radiohead, anything box, mc chris, mary prankster (people) -my fiance, my daughter, my friends, my self, kevin smith, tim burton, hobos, mad scientists, dead scientists, robotic scientists.
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by AutomaticRobots
hey buddy what happened here?
i don't know, perhaps your wife left you causing you to become alcoholic.
do you know what happened?
you grew a beard to make up for your hereditary baldness?
the very next day...
hey what's going on? where are all the people?
didn't you hear? it's the apocolypse and the only ones who survived are balding alcoholics.
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