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by B8
Following his E-Bay purchase, Chariman M'ow basks in his own grandiousity.
I will say to you now, my loyal and mangy servant, as I often do, that when the revolution comes, victory shall be mine!
That is an excellent catchphrase, Chairman! It strikes fear in to the hearts of the meak while also being so snappy that they will wish to quote it endlessly!
Yes. There is much wisdom in what you say, Henchmutt. So much so that I wish to stake Chariman M'ow's claim, and Chariman M'ow's alone, upon these words of power and marketability!
I will storm the patent office at once and demand a trademark... of doom!... in your name, Chairman!
One trip to the patent office later:
Are my words of dread secured for posterity and commerce in the name of Chairman M'ow, loyal Henchmutt?
I fear not, Great Chairman! It appears that a toddler from Rhode Island and a black child from the suburbs... somewhere... have trademarked both parts of your catchphrase of death!
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