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You want a piece of me? You want a piece of ME? Get in line! There's only so much cheese to go with your whine. Who am I? I am a figment of your imagination. I am the voice that says what you are all thinking. I am anonymous, and I am all of you. So enjoy your mindless pondering about who I may or may not be. You will never know for sure. If you leave without visiting here, you are a total loser.
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by BitchKirielliad
After a hard day in the real world....
Ah yes, time to log in and play Lensmoor, power trip bay-bee!
...our heroine logs in to Lensmoor...
Yes! Here I am! Dominate! Annoy! Accessorize! Siteban, siteban, siteban!
...sadly, it just was not her day.
Hey! Is anyone listening? Damnit, I'm talking!
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