Humor related to events and members of The Black Sheep, a Harley riding motorcycle club out of Hamilton, Ontario, Canada.

by BlackSheep
Ba-ah! Have you ever heard of youth in Asia?
Me-eh! You mean those kids that work in rice paddies and running shoe factories in China, Korea and Indonesia?
Na! I think it has something to do with if your pets are real sick and it is too expensive for their owners to fix them, they put their pets to sleep.
Ya, so what! You sleep for the afternoon and then wake up right?
Umm...I don't quite think its like that. I mean you get put to sleep for good! Offed! Whacked! Snuffed! Like in the Sopranos or in Rambo!
No kidding? Shit, they'd do that? Is that legal? Its always about the money ain't it? I'm glad I'm not a pet then! the way...what is mutton?

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