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Ooh, some jackass thought he could get smart as **** and try to screw with this account. You may say that I should feel ashamed, but I'm not the one hacking into accounts that give out their passwords and "destroying" them by only changing the profile, password, and sig. Why don't you go **** with DrPedantic? That could actually cause an uprising. Or you could just go **** off. (Rant will be removed in a couple of days.) Oh, and if you want my password, e-mail me at (notice that it's heip, not help, because that's the way the ****ers at... err... geniuses at Microsoft set it) with your reg name. I know who did it, by the way, and I won't name names, but if you think you can be a smartass again, no. Oh, and how may I help?
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by Clappy
How may I help?
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