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by DBoba
...this comic might be considered volatile...what's the word? Insensitive? Racist? Profiling..honestly dBoba is making a concerted effort to understand both sides of the equation...
So obese pale skinned white guy...do you beleive in ALLAH?
I try not to worry about **** that's not outside my field of vision..I believe in ME and my ability to manage MY WORLD...
Ahhhh..that's great Gringo...I admire your individualism and resolve..but what about the afterlife...
What about it? What about the beforelife...those are things totally void of my perception or influence....I can't be bothered....
interesting perspective...so I take it you're not going to give me $500 for the bake sale we are going to have to fund our Mosque advanced Jihadist improvised explosive device training class then?
I'll go you one better..I got some leftover explosives from my stint in special forces in my cellar..if you bring the kids over...say Saturday....I can give them some really good "hands on"!
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