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by DBoba
Hey POPS..you sure you got COMIC BLOCK?
....ain't no 'bout a doubt it...I can't think of ANYTHING!
yeah, but you been sitting here for four weeks now doing nothing but reading Arbitrary's comics...
....that's true...I'm waiting for the punchline...I want to make sure that my next comic is funnier than this series...I have no idea where it's going...
DUDE YOU ASSHAT....there ain't gonna be no PUNCH LINE...that IDIOT is using Stripcreator for his boring DIARY!!!
....FUCK...SERIOUSLY? Why that motherf---
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JoeBlough says:

"Diary-a" is more like it!
posted Jul 1st ( permalink )

DBoba says:

It's not showing our picture any moere!!! WAAAAAH!!!
posted Jul 5th ( permalink )

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